An important lesson…

Posted: June 2, 2010 by fischfail in Personal

First, I would like to say that I am a man of many skills and abilities. I have held many different types of positions. However, I currently work as a bouncer (I actually work as a security guard who was contracted to a nightclub as a bouncer) and I do freelance IT work. So, for a little background to myself, I am not really a club-goer, however, I love working as a bouncer, and until recently, I haven’t experienced any very serious problems while working as a bouncer. And yet, recently, there has been a wave of violence striking the core of the club, leading all who is employed there to be on edge. Last night, a little more than 24 hours ago in fact, a situation occurred that gave me a harsh self realization in terms of my own mortality…

Like many people my age, I haven’t truly considered my own mortality and repercussions of decisions I have made. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have thought about my own mortality, but not in terms of how long I might live. I should began this story, however, from the point in time that I heard of it.

Tonight (technically yesterday now, I guess), around 8:00 pm, I received a call from a supervisor. He was telling me that I would no longer be working at the club, and that three of bouncers who worked there had quit. These are guys I genuinely considered my friends, they were the type of coworkers that I would actually hang out with, outside of work. Naturally, my first question was in regards to why they had quit, especially considering the fact they all loved their job. This is the story I was given from my supervisor, as close to the original as I can remember at least.

“Listen, this is just between you and me, and if you receive a call about this tomorrow, act surprised… But here is the deal, don’t expect “#ShittyEmployer” (the pseudonym I will use when discussing my job) to send you out to #Nightclub anymore… Last night, #BouncerB broke up a fight, and had to get physical and rough the guy up a bit, you know how it is. So, anyways, #BouncerB throws this guy out, and he makes the typical bullshit threats of ‘I’ll be back to fucking kick your ass… You’re a fucking dead man…‘”

I should take this time to mention, threats like this are made almost every night, they are never taken seriously, they are only threats, and the threatening party never follows through… So, back to the story then…

“So, anyways, a little while later, this guy and a buddy come back… And police are currently present as #Nightclub for some bullshit fight that had occurred. And these two dumb fucks come back, each with two guns. These fucks each have a automatic, and a semi… And they are looking for #BouncerB, seriously man, this is fucked… So anyway, the cops see these cocksuckers pulling guns and arrest them… And that’s the fucking story man… #BouncerB, #BouncerM, and #BouncerT are all gone, they quit… I mean, fuck! If the police hadn’t been there, #BouncerB would either be in the hospital or fucking dead…. We’re done there, #ShittyEmployer isn’t sending us back, you know what I mean?”

Anyways, that’s the story I heard from my supervisor, the paper’s reported it as a little different, but who knows. I am extremely happy in the fact that I was never called last night, or else I would have there as well. The only good thing about this entire situation is when the assailants returned, #BouncerB was inside. Mind you, the transcription above is the report my supervisor gave me.

But the thing that really got to me, is how much this situation (which I was not directly involved in, mind you) made me think. I mean, the last night I worked at #Nightclub, I was part of a brawl outside. This was the first fight that I actually received any injuries during. It just makes you think, I hope that everyone who was involved is alright… As a recommendation from myself to you, if you have not already done so, please consider your life, all the important people in it, and maybe spend a little time reflecting on the things that could dramatically change your life…

This is an exclusive, special edition posting. Don’t expect any more (hopefully) posts such as this, but I wanted it out there… Be safe everyone…

  1. I am glad you weren’t there either. I would hate to lose you because someone can’t handle being kicked out of a bar. 😦

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