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Posted: June 6, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming, Nerd
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I’m sitting here at work, in the middle of a 12 hour shift, absolutely bored out of my mind. But hey, I can’t complain too much, I mean, if this is the only shift I work this pay period (2 weeks) it is more hours than I’ve received in the past three pay periods (an average of 8 hours)…

Either way, I just finished reading Charles Seife’s “Decoding the Universe.” Its an interesting read. By far, the most interesting book I’ve read this year (I make it though about one per week), and if you haven’t read it already, I recommend picking it up. That is my little blurb of the day, and now for the real reasons of this post.

  1. I am actively looking for a new job. Translation: expect only one long post (or maybe a few sort ones) throughout the week.
  2. Expect less updates (than normal) for a short while as I’m working on an overhaul of this blog. Also, there will be new pictures and a biography ASAP.
  3. However, the number 1 reason for this update. A game concept I developed about a week ago, and have been working on ever since. I had woken up, and walked outside, it was clear that it was going to storm, but the sky didn’t feel right. But more importantly, nothing felt right. For instance, this was at 2 in the afternoon, and yet I could hear no traffic. But, more interesting was the fact that could hear no animals. That is how the following idea was born (combined with a recent discussion about a post-apocalyptic game).

The players start off living together in an apartment (or a house, it doesn’t really matter). They all go to bed for the night, and the world was “normal” by all current standards (whatever the fuck that means…). And they are just waking up for the day (lazy slackers) and one (or more) walk outside, most likely for a cigarette or to retrieve the mail.

The first thing that is noticed is something about the sky does not seem right, the players cannot determine what is specifically wrong, but they know something is not right.

Next the players notice they cannot hear any sounds of civilization. No cars, no construction, no music… Nothing. However, they then realize they can also hear no sounds of nature. No birds, no dogs, nothing. It is as if the world is asleep.

Returning inside, the player tells the other plays what is going on, only to discover that no electronic devices appear to be working. Just static, no signal, or in most cases a complete loss of power. Stranded with no cell phones, no computers, no t.v., or any other form of electronic entertainment, the players are left to make some decisions…

This is where the game actually begins. If the players leave (and eventually they will have to), they quickly discover all electronics have stopped functioning. The players find buildings are still standing in perfect order, with the exception of many broken windows. Roadways are in fair condition (no changes, as compared to what the players are used to). And graffiti has been placed all over, most of which is cryptic messages meaning very little, if anything at all.

Now, I think this would be an appropriate time to mention that the heart of this campaign is survival strategy, and will end when all PC’s have died, or they have all went their separate ways.

While walking down the street, they are approached by a person who is perplexed as to how they are dressed. As the man approaches, the players realize it is clear he is wearing some sort of BDU pants and a long (about mid thigh) coat, both of which are a muted black/gray color. He is carrying a small backpack that has various gear attached to it (flashlight, some sort of med-kit, bed roll, etc). He is wearing heavy-duty gloves that go past his elbows (some sort of riot control gloves) and knee pads. His coat, which is open and blowing slightly in the breeze, reveals a kukri on each hip and some sort of molly-rigging vest (that extends to his lower abdomen) with carious tools and pouches attached. It is obvious that many of these pouches are for ammunition, and are full, however, there is no gun in sight. It is automatically assumed that this vest also covers his back and is most likely both bullet and stab proof. The players also notice a modified riot helmet with a built in, modular monocular (it has a button on the side that when pushed flips a magnifying lens in place, and when not in place, provides no visual enhancement. This man immediately begins giving the following advice: Guns are highly useful, desired, rare, and coveted. As such, they will make you a highly visible target. Besides, real ammunition is nearly impossible to find anymore. If you make it obvious you have a gun, you better be able to handle your own.

    1. Blades rules the world. However, highly visible blades (like swords), while threatening will provoke certain groups to attack. Knives and survival blades are most likely to be useful as they are concealable and multi-functional.
    2. Night travel, while inherently more dangerous (less visibility and flashlights pin point your location), travel during the day makes you a target to the roaming gangs.
    3. Conserve you’re food and drink… You’re going to need it out here.
    4. Don’t drink from open water… Meaning drinkable water is going to be nearly impossibly to find…
    5. Learn to camouflage
    6. Build or find yourself some armor.
    7. Travel lightly.
    8. Don’t stay in one place for too long.
    9. Traps are not directly lethal, and often are incredibly simple in design. However, its the group who set the trap that you should be concerned about…
    10. Never split up
    11. And most importantly, try to avoid fights if possible, cuts can easily become infected… And out here, an infection means death.

As the guy leaves the players, he throws out one more quick piece of advice: “Don’t trust the Matadors, in fact avoid them at all costs…”

Again, the players have a choice to make: follow the wanderer’s advice or ignore everything that was just said.

I think this is enough of the story at this time, expect the next part of this saga to be posted soon. Up next: Gang profiles, description and design of the city, the types of possible encounters to be expected, and descriptions of infections, mutations, and mental effects.


  1. Stephan says:

    very interesting, would be fairly involved and the system you use would have to be real flexable

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