I’m the bouncer for the band…

Posted: June 10, 2010 by fischfail in Employment, Personal, Protection, Random
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“I’m the bouncer for the band.  It’s my job.”

Some of you may recognize the above quote as being from the very excellent movie “SLC Punk.”  So, why am I discussing a movie that came out 12 years ago (yeah, 1998)?  To bring up this point…

My name is Fisch, and i am a bodyguard, sort of…  but for the low, low price of about $20 an hour, I will offer my personal services to you as a bodyguard.  Want a personal bodyguard that blends in with the crowd? Done.  Want a guard who stands in the background and only jumps in when “shit starts popping”? Done.  Want a personal guard to travel around with you, and make you feel important? Easy.  Want a bodyguard who wears a suit and keeps people from getting too close? Psh, too easy.  Want a personal bouncer, who wears plain cloths (or cloths of your choice)? Can do.  the point I’m making here is: I can do it all.  Going to a club tonight and worried about some dickface starting some shit, no worries, your personal bodyguard will handle it before you even know what is going on.  Like I said, I can do it all, in a very efficient way.  It’s simple; leave me a comment discussing the situation and the appropriate attire, and we’ll work something out.

On a side note, expect ‘And you climb out of bed… Pt.2’ to be posted soon, which incidentally will be a full length post…  Something more than 250 words.


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