How to rob a bank.

Posted: June 13, 2010 by fischfail in Guest, Random
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This is a short thing my sister had written for her 10th grade english class.  I found it to be utterly amazing.

Find a bank close to freeway, far away from any police, fire station, etc. Start driving to the bank on a crotch-rocket with no license plate or identification.  Walk in all Bond mode with a ski mask, use cables, bungee cords, or army crawl. Use whatever floats your boat.

You walk in with a gun in your hand, rob the bank quickly and run out really fast. You should rob a bank if you are a track star or you are currently using steroids. Then drive full speed to the ramp exit. No police should be chasing you because you’re going 120 mph. Drive about 15 miles or until you see your accomplice with a trailer.

The back loading dock should be open, so start to slow down, and drive up the little platform. Have the door shut behind you and with you still in the trailer, have the accomplice drive away.

Clearly, this is the greatest plan ever, and it gives me high hopes for this kid. In case you are wondering traveling 15 miles at 120 mph, takes approximately 8 minutes (providing the crotch-rocket has amazing acceleration).  This post technically counts as a story by a guest author, tell me what you think.

  1. Eldwardo says:

    She is the hope for mankind in these dark times ahead.

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