It is good to be alive.

Posted: June 27, 2010 by fischfail in Random
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Hey guys, I am somehow still alive.  And, considering how crazy fun last night was, and how drunk I got, it is kinda amazing to me that I am still alive.  Expect pictures of that gala to be posted soon (like when I get motivated to boot into windows……).  But, anyway, I’m sitting here (the last day of my vacation) with ErinLovesTheWeb, who is passed out, with an epic hangover. I personally feel great, and that is awesome.  My only problem is my body is super stiff today.

So, anyways, I got my dance, and I must say, I had a blast.  The best part about it?  I was sober, which means I actually remember it (unlike most of the night).  It was a lot of fun though. The cupcakes me and ErinLovesTheWeb made were a huge success, in fact we’ve actually been drafted to do it again (on a smaller scale) in about 2 months, and that is a paid gig, which is cool.

So, on a completely unrelated side note, I passed that fucking class, I just found out today.  I am super excited.

So, anyways, since this is the last day of my vacation (we are leaving tomorrow), and the sun is finally coming out (it’s been a rather shitty day all day), I think I’m going to spend it on the lake.  Actually, I will probably have a bunch of photos from this trip posted somewhere, sometime next week.  Once they are up, I’ll share the link, and you all can be incredibly jealous.

And on that note, I’m out of here guys, take it easy until next time (I swear I’ll get “And, you clumb out of bed… Pt. 2” posted soon.)

  1. Congrats on passing the class! and it is good to hear you are still alive.

  2. We rocked those cupcakes! And I did not have an epic hangover, I was just exhausted from working on those damn cupcakes for three days straight from morning till night.

    • I know, we rocked the fuck out of those cupcakes. And, you did have a hangover, you told multiple people. It may not have been epic, but I also wrote that when you passed out on the couch.

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