I’m going to murder….

Posted: July 3, 2010 by fischfail in Anger
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So, you know how I wrote about not being able to post anything new the holiday weekend, because I had to work?

So, after not working for a month, they schedule me to come in, for 40 hours, all holiday pay.  Sweet!  But, then something magical happened.  They took 32 of those hours away.  Which means my next paycheck is going to be a whopping 8 hours worth of pay.

And, guess what makes that better…  I make minimum wage…

But, it’s all good.  You see, I am a mastermind and a grand schemer.  I have a plan.  So, don’t worry about me, and just continue to keep your eyes glued to this site, and I’ll have to good stuff poster for you soon.

  1. Don’t do anything.. uhh illegal… or better yet, do it BUT do not get caught. Haha.

    • You, sir, are no fun… Don’t get caught…. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt, I’m going to be on the news at six o’clock and again at 11! Ha! It’s going to be live when I blow them all up with pumpkins!

  2. Pumpkins? Odd choice, I like it!

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