Story time!

Posted: July 4, 2010 by fischfail in Drugs, Random, Sleep, WTF
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So, guys, check this out.  Some of you may know ErinLovesTheWeb has am amusing time with shit I say in my sleep.  And I have a fucking doosy for ya’.   Apparently I had “woken up” to tell her of a dream I had.  Now, mind you, I was still asleep while reporting this…  She had been awake, on her computer, and decided she had to transcribe this shit.  So, as soon as ErinLovesTheWeb gets around to it, there is going to be an entire page of her blog devoted to shit just like this…  So without further adieu, check this out.

Christopher Walken is being held captive. Ok. So as his dot intersects Venus. Ok. He has money and has badass. He kills his one guard and breaks out of prison. By the way prison is a homemade jail cell in trees. So as his dot becomes closer to the awesome he becomes more badass and can start doing magic. He laughs at two handed weapons. So anyways after Christopher Walken kills like 400 fucking guards. He is bleeding and bleeding means death, but he’s Christopher Walken and he can’t die.

So, there it is.


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