Posted: July 6, 2010 by fischfail in Anger, Computers, Employment, Nerd, Random, Technology
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So tonight, my new phone (yeah, the one I’ve had for a week or so) fucking died… That means I have no phone. So, now not only am I not able to receive pone calls from potential employers, but given the off chance my current company calls me for hours, I can’t receive those calls either… Yeah, that blows…. So, does anyone want to give me money or an old verizon phone so that I can get that working?

On a side note, Linux has decided to hate me, and not allow me to connect to the internet… Meaning, I had to log into Windows to update this… Gh3y… But since, I will be working in Windows for a few days, I should be able to upload those pictures I talked about…

Expect normal posts from me (the ones that are amusing) to resume soon.  By the way, expect this post to change quite a bit at some point tomorrow.

  1. If I can find it I have my old env2 with cracked screens. It works in the fact that it receives calls but that is it, if I remember correctly.

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