And then the world exploded.

Posted: July 7, 2010 by fischfail in Computers, Gaming, Personal, Random, Technology
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So, first off.  The title of this post has nothing to do with this post.

But, anyways, I would like to thank all you guys who offered to hook me up with a cell phone (either on here or on facebook).  But I will be getting a new phone either Thursday or Friday officially.  I mean if anyone wants to hook me up with one for about two days, that would be epic and I wouldn’t decline.

Also, I got the stupid ass internet problem resolved.  So, I am back online…  And before you ask, no I did not get the photos uploaded.

In case you haven’t noticed I’m kinda on hiatus right now in regards to “And, you climb out of bed…” This is because I’ve had so much other shit on my plate, that I can’t focus on it currently.  Hopefully though that is about to change.

On a final note:  why the fuck is it so goddamned hot?   Like seriously, I’m sitting here in air conditioning, sweating my fucking ass off!


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