Epic Awesome!

Posted: July 8, 2010 by fischfail in Alcohol, Bars, Random, Uncategorized
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So, first of all, I would like to thank the very awesome Stephanovitch for hooking me up with a phone for the next few days until I get my new one.  Thanks bro, that is pretty epic.

So then, onto the Epic Awesome! the title of this post talks about.  Tonight, ErinLovesTheWeb, Stephanovitch, Eldwardo (expect him to become a regular right here if he ever gets off his ass), and myself all hit up Smarty Catz.  For those of you who don’t know, Smarty Catz is a pretty epic bar located 16 N. Huron Street, in Ypsilanti.  The staff is cool; the owner, Tony is beyond epic, he is funny, and got a good head on his shoulders; the food was delicious; and the drinks were mixed well (believe me, they did not skimp on the alcohol in the drinks).  Wednesday nights are karaoke, which I typically hate, and yet I had a great time tonight.  It’s a rather small bar, but as soon as you walk in, you feel like you know everyone, and they all greet you as though you’ve known each other for years.

Overall, I would say it was an enjoyable experience, and we all have plans of going back, as soon as possible.  It was great.

On, a side note.  I am currently exhausted, and there is to be no sleep for me tonight, but that is all good.


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