And, you climb out of bed… Pt. 2

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On June 6, 2010 at 12:05 pm, I posted “And, you climb out of bed…” where I discussed the fact that “And, you climbed out of bed… Pt. 2” would be posted very soon, and I would write about:

I think this is enough of the story at this time, expect the next part of this saga to be posted soon. Up next: Gang profiles, description and design of the city, the types of possible encounters to be expected, and descriptions of infections, mutations, and mental effects.

Things have obviously changed, considering it is now a month later, and I am just now writing my excuse for being lazy, but here it is. While writing the gang profiles, I realized something important: writing all the gang profiles and putting them into one post would basically be a book. Instead, I have decided to post the description and design of the city, possible encounters to be expected, and descriptions of infections, mutations, and mental effects, and then give each gang a dedicated post, titled something like “GoTD: (insert appropriate gang name here).”

Description and design of the city:
When the game starts out, the players experience a city very similar to modern day New York, which I described as

This is where the game actually begins. If the players leave (and eventually they will have to), they quickly discover all electronics have stopped functioning. The players find buildings are still standing in perfect order, with the exception of many broken windows. Roadways are in fair condition (no changes, as compared to what the players are used to). And graffiti has been placed all over, most of which is cryptic messages meaning very little, if anything at all.

Pretty simple… and boring, I know. The interesting part (at least in my opinion, and the opinion of the players I’ve described it to) is, as the players progress ln this world, there is a clear degradation of the world. For instance, the players go to sleep one night, and wake up, and the place they went to sleep in, is suddenly in ruins, and this happens fairly often. It should not be thought of as an every night occurrence, but at random. There will be less than a 50% chance the world changes dramatically during the night.

The world is designed around a combination of worlds set forth in “Tales from the Afternow*,” “Metro 2033,” and my own imagination.

Types of possible encounters:
The players, depending on where they currently are, will experience different types of encounters. This section will be short, for now, but it will be more fully explained in the GoTD articles. But, here is a brief run down of different scenarios that could occur in this world.

Streets: When I say the streets, I really mean anything that is not inside and in a city setting. This can include alley ways, playgrounds, streets, housing complexes, etc. The typical types of encounters that might be held here include Antar, Rakers, Tu-once, and Rakers

Burned out office buildings: In office buildings, the players are likely to experience some of the upper “echelons” of the gang world: Topledo, Matadors, Tillman, and Archors. The groups that are actually organized beyond “you, go do this…” If it also possible to come across Tu-once and Skags here. These buildings will be common in the city and will often lead to players getting more information and finding supplies. However, they will also be places of great physical danger. Even more so, they will be places of horror and fear.

Train wrecks: Players are most likely to find Rakers here looting cabins and dead passengers. While trains are no easy object to damage in this world, Rakers have it down to an artform. It is also possible to find Antar here finding and hanging out. Train wrecks are also places where players might be able to find supplies, given they arrive soon enough.

Subways: Subways are very dangerous places, Tu-once, Rakers, and Skags own the subway system. But, think of it this way: there is almost no light, no food, very few supplies, and even less exits. Subways, are truly places of death and despair. It is also a place of major health issues.

Near bodies of water: Bodies are clean water are likely to attract all members of the gang world. Good luck finding one. Dirty bodies of water are plentiful and you are not likely to find many gangs besides the Tu-once and Skags, however if you are lucky, you might find an old shipyard.

Sewers: Sewers, like subways are very dangerous places, just with less resources and more filth. Avoid sewers whenever possible. Think of swimming in a toilet and you might come near the gross of sewers. Add on top of this Skags and Tu-once, who have undergone mutation and disease, and you have an absolute recipe for disaster.

Stores: Stores are great places, however, the gangs of the world also know this. Here you are likely to find everyone and everything including supplies, disease, and death. Yet stores can offer the thifty, intelligent party with salvation and safety.

Descriptions of infections, mutations, and mental effects:

Infections are a scary thing, in the real world and the game world. Chances are there will be no one in the medical profession in the party. And, we can guess the problems with that. Bad enough infections can lead to limb loss or organ failure, which almost certainly spells death.

Mutations are also a scary topic and include things like extended teeth, elongated and hardened nails, the ability to see in darkness, poison in their bodies. Mutations are a scary concept… and encountering mutated people and getting attacked to the point blood is exchanged almost certainly means death. Other mutations do occur, but I can’t give away all the secrets at once.

Mental effects include exhaustion, hallucinations, suicidal tendencies, and crippling, debilitating fear. Mental effects will be chosen by random, at random, to a random person.

This is all for now you guys, none of these sections are 100% complete for you guys, but then again I cna’t give away all my secrets at once. Tomorrow, be on the lockout for the first GoTD posting, most of which I have done already. Sorry, this took so long to get posted, and now that it is, it is a little choppy, but that is okay. The entire point is to give you guys a brief overview.

*“Tales from the Afternow” can be found at

  1. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Much excitement dwells in my breast as indicated by the many exclamation points.)

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