GoTD: Topledo

Posted: July 12, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming
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Topledo (Toe-plee-doe)

The Topledo is not so much a gang, as they are a King and his personal guard. In fact, the Topledo are just that, the Kings of the crime world, and when they give command, the other gangs (with the exception of the To-Once and the Skags) come running. The Topledo is unlike any other gang, in that there is only one faction in existance.

The Topledo are easy to recognize, they have two dress styles. Typically the leader of the Topledo wears an immaculate solid whitesuit, with his bodyguards wearing plain black suits, Althought, it is recorded that the opposite has been true. Generally, members of the Topledo are slim and fit with a range of different styles (hair styles, colors, piercings), while all maintaing a professional look, with the exception being a small red tattoo on the back of their right hand (on the webbing between the thumb and forefinger). It is highly believed the leader of the Topledo often hides in the ranks of his guard with a stand-in. And while this may or may not be true, it is know that should something happen to the leader, he has a second ready to take the position.

The Topledo have 2 known ranks; Boss and soldier. The boss holds the power, and what he commands, happens. The solider serves two purposes; protect the boss, nd carry out his command.

The Topledo came to power through strength and resources, and that is how the power is kept. However, the Topledo offer power shifts freely. In fact, several times a year, a gang trie to take power through violent fights (the terms of which are serup by the challengers). No one has ever come close to taking power from the Topledo, with the exception of the Macaroon… Who also no longer exist.

If you are on good terms with the Topledo and have an encounter with them, everything will be okay, and you may even be invited to join in a meal. However, if you are on bad terms, you won’t even last five minutes.

Thoughts about other gangs:

Rakers: “They haven’t killed themselves off yet?”

Matadors: “They wish they had real power…”

Antar: “Those meat-heads are good for one thing… Okay, 2 if you’re a woman.”

Skags: “…Who?”

Tillman: “All the good things of the Matador and the Antar… In other words, very little… That doesn’t mean we don’t have a few employed…”

Archors: “Well then, how did they know we were here?”

Tu-Once: ~Giggle~

Torn-Che: “Ah, the Torn-Che, they have a few perks…”


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