GoTD: Rakers

Posted: July 14, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming
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Rakers (Rae-kerz)

Rakers are the outcasts of the gang world. Yet, they appear to have the most memberships. Rakers will do anything in their limited power to obtain an object of their desire. The Rakers have 10 known factions, all of which are slightly different in operation, yet similar in style and attributes.

Of the gangs of the world, Rakers are the easiest recognized after the Topledo and the Matadors. They typically have small, thin builds and often appear quite emaciated. Rakers also typically wear clothing that is too large for them that is generally adorned with patches, pins, and spikes. It is not uncommon to see Rakers with spiky hairstyles that are colored brightly. Rakers can be compared to punks and anarchs. Rakers generally have poorly cared for piercings and “prison-style” tattoos.

The ranking system for the Rakers is poorly defined and the leader “of the day” is the guy who kicked the most ass. However, these Rakers typically remain the leader until death, when a new power struggle begins. The Raker faction leader tries to maintain control by allowing his “subjects” time to freely prowl and fight.

The Rakers have a simple strategy: outnumber anyone who is dumb enough to wander into their territory. Generally, Rakers will only attack individuals or small groups, and they will typically meander through back allies looking for unsuspecting persons. When attacking, Rakers will surround the victim and beat them (either to submission or death). It is not uncommon for Rakers to set traps, where a member will suffer an attack in order to lure unsuspecting Samaritans nearby. Rakers can typically be seen with crude spiked clubs, baseball bats, small knives, and various tools, all being used as weapons.

If you should find yourself under Raker attack, try to separate their group, so you can fight one on one. Also, if you have a firearm, keep it incredibly well hidden, Rakers will literally throw numbers and numbers of bodies at you until drop from blood loss or exhaustion. If you are entrapped, fight as fiercely as you can, chances are, if you take their numbers down enough, the rest will flee.

Topledo: “They have money. They can get drunk and high… Fuck them!”

Matadors: “They’re fucking ‘hardcore.’ Fuckin’ pussies”

Antar: “Fuck those guys, they always step in right when we’re having fun…”

Skag: “They have some pretty weak shit, but enough will make you feel okay”

Tillman: “Its a like a matador and antar fucked. And their baby fucked a retarded sheep. That kid would be a tillman.”

Archors: “Heh, not so fucking smart now, are you fucks?”

Tu-once: “They think they’re a fucking gang? Are you fucking kidding me?


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