Apologies, Broken Hearts, and Insight

Posted: July 18, 2010 by fischfail in Food, Gaming, Random
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Hey guys, sorry for the unexpected (and unintended/unannounced) leave of absence, but the last few days for me have been incredibly busy. So, where do we begin our review?

Friday (the last day I can actually remember), ErinLovesTheWeb and I went to my house so could hang out with Eldwardo, Stephanovitch, and Bear. When we got there, I began having severe stomach pains (cramping, indigestion, bloating, etc. I was apparently having my period). I’ll spare you the gory details (you’re welcome) but it was gruesome. So, anyway we’re hanging out at my house, waiting for me to feel better and ErinLovesTheWeb decides to go grocery shopping with my mother and grandmother. Ignoring the “excitement” that was coursing through me, I decide to go meet up with the guys. And, just as I am arriving, I see Stephanovitch leaving to take Bear to work. So, I decide to hang out with Eldwardo and play some “Left 4 Dead 2.” Instead of shooting human n00bs in the face, I am shooting zombie n00bs (close enough). Meanwhile, Dan calls me to ask when ErinLovesTheWeb and I would be arriving to the Vampire game. ErinLovesTheWeb returns sometime around 8pm, and we meet with the gaming group sometime around 830 pm. And, we remain at game until almost 700 am. That’s right, almost 11 hours of gaming, but it was an epic session, and none of us wanted to leave.

So, it is Saturday at 730 am (by the time we get back to ErinLovesTheWeb‘s house in Ann Arbor), and we are supposed to be going to her mom’s birthday celebrations in Jackson in three short hours, and that means no sleep. So we play on our computers and watch some television for awhile. At 1006 am we leave her home. At 1020 am, we are in stand still traffic on I-94 (apparently an epic level accident.). No big deal, we are supposed to be there at noon. 2 hours and 10 miles later, there is still no sign of an end. We finally decide to hop off the highway to take a different route. On the exit, we realize the traffic jam ended less than a mile away. So, we finally make it to Jackson around 1230 pm. We hang out for a bit. Then we went to dinner. Mind you, it is just after 1 pm. And, oh my god!

We went to Klavons, a pizzeria and sports bar. If you’ve never been there, you are missing out. We had a stuff deep dish, filled with onions, mushrooms, green peppers, pepperoni, and sausage. I must say, the vegetables were amazing; fresh and crisp, and perfectly colored. The sauce was thick, and zesty (with a slight hint of garlic) and sweet. It left an amazing after taste on the pallet. The pizza was only slightly greasy (considering it’s almost 2 inches of thickness). And the crust, it was crispy and yet it remained soft, fluffy and airy, with a very slight garlic-butter taste. The best part about this monster of a pizza? There was five of use easting it, and at the end nearly half was left, only because we were all stuffed (after just one piece!). The meal was capped off with everyone at the table (except for me) trying a bite of ErinLovesTheWeb‘s mom’s free piece of cake. It was chocolate, and apparently super rich, with a texture similar to fudge. After that we left.

Okay, enough about food, We then returned to house and played a game of “Hollywood Shuffle” (a game I had never played, but picked up quickly) until just after 500 pm. The game was a blast, and I recommend giving it a try.

Around 20 after 5, ErinLovesTheWeb and I left to return to her house for sleep. We arrived there shortly after 600 pm, by 700 pm I was knocked out cold. Which is how I remained until 415 this morning.

By 450 am, I was at my house for a shower Then at 530 am, I was leaving for work. At 600 am, I was sitting in a parking lot beginning my shift.

But, I think that is enough for now.

P.S. Today is the actual birthday of ErinLovesTheWeb‘s mom, and though she won’t read this, I just wanted to say “Happy Birthday!”


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