And, you climb out of bed… Pt. 3

Posted: July 21, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming, Nerd
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More on the changing world

Throughout the first week, the players will experience slight and subtle changes nightly.  These changes might be so subtle, the players won’t notice at all, or they could be colossal.  A slight change could be new graffiti or some ignorable item suddenly missing.  A colossal change could be; the building you went to sleep in suddenly no longer has a roof, there were no explosions or fighting during the night.  There is no evidence of collapse, in fact, the rubble that does exist appears to be quite old, and everything in the room is sun-bleached.

After the first week there will be a 19% chance of the world changing at night (sorry if this number has changed from a previous post, but this is going to be the official number).  The idea is this: the world will not change everyday, in fact, it is highly possible the world will not change for months, however, the longer the span between changes, the more dramatic the change.

One particular change I have planned, should it be able to, is the almost complete destruction of the atmosphere.  Mind you, the world’s atmosphere has already been quite damaged.  It is suddenly difficult to breath, skin burns, blisters, and dies immediately.    Cancer develops almost instantly, organs fail.  You get the idea.  Another interesting point is this; the world continues moving on throughout the change, entire cultures and species develop mutations from radiation, as though this has occurred over thousands of years, and yet it appears (to the players) to have happened in a single night.

I actually have a lot of ideas for changes that will occur, most of which will never be posted (hey, I can’t let the players in on all my secrets).

More of drugs

Most drugs in the wold have a low addiction rate (there will be a table added below pointing out the addictiveness of various drugs and substances).  And while each drug has an addictive quality, they also have a side effects for both using and quiting.

Actually, I lied, I’m not going to include a table in this post (I created it, and it turned out huge as I added more important information!).  So, what I’m going to do instead is something similar to the gang dossiers with DoTD: Drug Name (Drug of The Day).

As many of you have suggested, I am basically writing a book.  Actually, I have come to the conclusion that this is not a bad idea.  So, what I’m actually going to do is this:  Once a week or so I will create a “And, you climb out of bed…” post which will be either a severe chapter reduction or a brief summary of several chapters.  Currently, this is the format (contents) I’m considering.

1. Intro

2. Campaign Settings

3. Descriptions of the World and environment

4. World Changes: Descriptions & Effects

5. Gangs

6. Drugs

7. Items and Supplies

8. Diseases, Infections, and Mutations

9. Other encounters

Of course, this is not a complete list, not is it necessarily in the correct order.  But that is it for now, you guys.  Take it easy

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