GoTD: Antar

Posted: July 23, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming
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Antar (Ann-tar)

The Antar are brutes, pure and simple. Individuals are often addicted to high-grade performance altering drugs and are constantly challenging themselves and other to strength competitions. They are always very muscular and in prime condition (failure to pass annual required fitness tests results in death), and as such, joining the Antar means joining for life. There are 15 known factions, all of which are slightly different.

Antar typically have clothing that fits and protrays their muscle.  Often times, this includes heavy boots, jeans, a tee-shirt, and generally a hat.  When it’s cold, leather jackets are also used.  It is common to see Antar with piercings, tattoos, purposed scars, and/or brands.  It is also common for Antar to have bad scars as a result of fights.

Anter have bosses and enforcers.  The biggest and strongest live to become bosses, everyone else is an enforcer.  However, the power structure changes often as new Antar join.

The Antar have one goal: be the only gang left on the block, or at least control more territory than all other gangs, combined.  They achieve this goal one way; brute force.  Kill now, grunt later.  This is not to say Antar are classic meat heads, but a high school math test could probably beat many of them.

Antar love to fight, in fact they live for it, regardless of “fairness.”  In fact, it is common for 1 Antar to fight 5 or 6 individuals and win.  At the same time, it is not unheard of for 5 or 6 Antar to “fight” 1 person.  Often times, an Antar will use anything as a weapon (knives, bats, brass knuckles, pipes, bar stools, etc.).  if you should find yourself caught in a fight with Antar, it means your life.  Either you loose and are subsequently killed, or you win and are inducted into the Antar.  You may be able to confuse an Antar into not attacking, though it could also cause a fight.  Typically, Antar do not start fights unless the victim looks strong enough to give a good fight.  Tip: Never work out, only read, stuff like Chaucer and Shelley.  Quotes from them might work…  Maybe…

Rakers: “Scrawny fucks, have to use cheating and “tactics” to win…  PSH!”

Matadors: “I bet they can’t even do one chin up!”

Skag: “They’re good to use as wights…  That’s about it!”

Tillman: “They’re someone we can respect.  Its like they took an Antar and the good qualities of matadors and combined them.”

Archors: “Are not real people…”

Tu-once: “We can kick their ass.  But, Fuck can they take a beating!”

Topledo: “Spooks.”


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