Posted: July 24, 2010 by fischfail in Employment, Random
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So yesterday I received a call an apparently my employer likes me again as proven by the fact I will be getting 36 hours on this next paycheck. And the next one will be having a minimum of 36 hours. Of course, this is all likely to change without a moment’s notice…

Now, let’s discuss why this absolutely blows.  I work 4 days in a row all 6am-6pm.  First, I would like to say I am not a fucking morning person.  Secondly, I have no money which means I will not be eating while working.  This also means that I will not be going to the gym in over a week.

However, there is good news (besides the extra cash).  Working means I’m going to get a lot of writing done.  This does not mean posting, but after this week is over expect a lot of things to be posted.

On a side note, although along similar lines.  I am going to start creating custom links of related articles at the end of each post.  There will be 4 links, which will be the 4 most recent articles of a given topic (i.e. a GoTD post will have links to the 4 most recent GoTD/”And, you climb out of bed…” posts).

Sorry if that last paragraph was a bit  confusing.  But it will make more sense at a later time (probably after this week of work).  Also, I am getting much closer (month by month) to getting dedicated hosting.  And when that occurs, there will be a lot of rapid changes.

On a final note (and sorry this is such a short post), expect a few changes to occur on this blog very soon.  The next little while should be fun.

  1. glad to hear that your working, sucks that its a few 12 hour shifts

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