GoTD: Skag

Posted: July 30, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming
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Skag are not a gang, let’s get that clear right now, but instead are a collection of individuals no other gang would claim…  They have no territory of their own, and can be frequently seen living in large groups.  This however does not mean they are not feared.  There is a known 42 pockets of Skag (they cannot be called factions, because the Skag have no order, territory, or power).

The average Skag wears and but of clothing they can find, regardless of looks, style, quality, material, or size.  In fact, it is impossible to describe th Skah in much more accurate terms than this.  Hair, piercings, and tattoos (if any) all vary widely.  There is a few problems with Skag: 1) the shear quantity of Skag in existence. 2) The severe and overdone use of drugs has caused many og them to be unstable or feel little pain (you try hurting someone with no nervous system!).  3) Many Skag host a veritable cornucopia of diseases, infections, and other communicable health concerns. 4) And, finally, the idea of loss is now new to Skay, in fact, most Skag have absolutely nothing to loose.

As previously stated there s no organization amongst the Skag.  Sure there are veterans who have been Skag for the longest, but they don’t give orders.  Instead, most veteran Skag, who have become frail, typically listen to younger members who are tougher, stronger, and meaner.

They Skag is not a gang, and hey control no territory.  Instead they love in areas ether other gang won’t inhabit or don’t care about, and the only reason they stay here is because of their numbers, and those decrease by th day.

If encountering Skag, try to avoid contact (direct), and try not to show anything of calue.  Even a small can of food could attract the hordes (who have limited weaponry, but its the number that count).

Rakers: “What’s the difference between them and us?”

Matadors: “I’m sure they are never hungry…  Or sick.”

Antar: “They get by simply by killing everyone else…”

Tillman: “If given the chance, I would kill them all.”

Archors: “It must be nice to have so much money, you can waste it…”

Tu-Once: ~Screams!~ “Where?!”

Topledo: “Just like Matadors, except they are never too weak to move…”


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