And, you climb out of bed… Pt. 4

Posted: July 31, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming, Nerd
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A few days ago I discusses a goal of posting an “And, you climb out of bed…”article about once a week and that I would be making a comprehensive text about the game.

First, I want to apologize about the discernible lack of order with this one, at least compared to the other “And, you climb out of bed…”

This is mostly an update regarding this information. So, let us begin this article with a quick status report.  After I discussed the text I would be writing, I began to outline each chapter I had listed. I am pleased to report this process is going well.  I think you guys will be interested to see what I’m going to be doing in regards to this.  But here is a idea of how the gang chapter is going to look (which is subject to change as I actually begin writing it).

Chapter #: Gangs

Quote about gang affliation

Introduction to th gang world

Overall power flow

Gang Name – Status

-Quote about gang/Symbol of specific gang


-Number of factions/methods of communication between them.

-Physical Descriptions/Appearence

-Breakdown of ranks

-Main strategy of dominance/power.

-Tips regarding encounters

-Profile of faction leaders/Specific symbol of faction

-General thoughts about other gangs.

A you can see I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me just so I can complete that chapter.  Luckily, I’ve got Dan and ErinLovesTheWeb to help as well as Bear, Stephanovitch, and Eldwardo to bounce ideas off.

Speaking of ErinLovesTheWeb and I have been doing a lot of discussion on this game, and I think I’ve come up with come pretty interesting encounters.  And speaking of encounters, there will also be a chapter titled “People of Relevance” that includes the severely important people who will be encountered at one point or another.  That however will be one of the last chapters completed.

On a side not, I have written about half of the introductory chapter.  Thus far, I am pleased. It should also be noted that, with the assistance of ErinLovesTheWeb and Dan, within the next two weeks or so, I hope to run an open beta of the system.  However, after this beta, the entire game system could be altered.

So, at this point in time, I have all the gang profiles written (the ones you read online), and I only mention this now because I can’t remember if I already have or not.  And by the time you read this I will have a majority of the drug information written, which will be posted after the last GoTD (sorry, it has taken me so long to post all those…”

Meanwhile I will be busy writing th gang chapters, preparing the beta, and doing more research.  Also, I have a series of encounters planned out that will make anyone whose played the last 3 “Call of Duty” games groan in fear and aggravation.  But I cannot really walk about that currently.

There is one serious problem I’ve seemed to run into though, and I am open to suggestions on how to combat this.  If you’ll remember the first “And, you climb out of bed…” post, I discussed the platers having to leave the safety of their house.  The problem I a having is guaranteeing this.  I think I may have an idea, but I would like to hear your thoughts on how to achieve this.

On a final note before I leave you. ErinLovesTheWeb suggested what I feel to be a great idea.  What I’m going to do is record each session.  And based off what I have written and what the players have done, write a story/book.  This will provide a few purposes:

1) Add depth and feeling to this game, eventually.

2) Provide a method for non-players to understand the world.

3) Provide me with descriptions and actions I would never think of.

4) Provide a bridge and guide between versions of the game.

The only problem? I need to find a recording source for this idea…

On that note, I will let you all go. Thanks as always.


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