GoTD: Tu-Once

Posted: August 1, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming, Uncategorized
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Tu-Once (Two-on-ss)

The Tu-Once are an interesting group. And, I do mean interesting.  At the fall of society, the Tu-Once were all released, forming a group of people who will literally eat their own flesh.  They are crazy and that is said in the politest way humanly possible.  There is no factions within the Tu-Once, but a collection of individuals residing anywhere from cesspools to the hospitals they once inhabited.

Like the Archors, it is impossible to describe the Tu-Once in any generalization.  Some are quite well dressed while other wear nothing at all (even in the cold).  Yet some still don the clothes they wore while hospitalized, and other are covered in feces (either their own or someone else’s, and intentionally or unintentionally, but who cares? It’s shit!).

There are no ranks within the Tu-Once, sure some of the saner ones give order, but that hardly proves leadership.

The Tu-Once hold no power, unless you consider the fact that everyone (even the Skag) avoid the Tu-Once at all costs.  You should probably avoid them too.

If you should encounter Tu-Once, fight from a distance.  Trying to run will prove fruitless, many are surprisingly fast.  When fighting, Tu-Once will kick, bite, scratch, and anything else that could prove to be effective.

Rakers: “Beeble-bip conda”

Matadors: “Uggggggggh”

Antar: “Beh”

Skag: “Fri-and.”

Tillman: “Beh”

Anchors: “Beeble-bip-bip canda”

Topledo: “drstxgubetdrfgiyh”


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