GoTD: Torn-Che

Posted: August 2, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming
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Torn-Che (Torn-Chi)

The Torn-Che is not so much a gang (although they hold gang-affiliations) as a council, a conglomeration if you will.  The confusing fact is this, the Torn-Che should only have 69 members, one member for every faction of every gang within the Torn-Che (Matadors, Rakers, Antar, Archors, and Till-man).  However, there has been over 100 people seen in a conglomeration at a time.

As such, no single description can possibly cover the Torn-Che (for more information, read the GoTW posts for the Matadors, Rakers, Antar, Archors, and Till-man).

There are no ranks within th Torn-Che as they are made of the leaders of all gang factions.

The Torn-Che stays in power because they are the rulers (under the Topledo).  Simple as that.

You should never encounter Torn-Che directly, but who knows? as such, there is no tips. Use quick thinking, and you might make it out alive.

On a side note, this is actually the final GoTD post.  All 9 gangs have been posted.


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