Take a deep breath. This is a long one.

Posted: August 19, 2010 by fischfail in Employment, Life, Random, Writing
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Okay, so where do we begin this time around? Ah, I have a thought. First I would just like to say thank you to all of those who wished me a happy birthday as well as all of those who helped make that day special, and since there are so many of you to list, I will just it at you know who you are.

Next, there are several big changes possibly coming in the future that are not related to Fisch Fail, INC. (directly), but I am not going to list them at this time, just in case they happen to fall through. I don’t think they will, but then again, we never do.

Next, and this is the most depressing news I have today, or at least it is depressing for me. I know I have said several times that I would try to post 1-2 articles a day, and for awhile I was doing really well with that system. However, now that I have returned to work, I have considerably less free time. So, in regards to this newly limited free-time, my posting schedule is as follows: On Mondays and Thursdays I will post a few articles (with a minimum of 1). However, depending on the work week, and how much down time I have while at work, I may be able to write a considerable number of posts, if this is the case, I will post them online, but they will not be available for a day or so (automatic posting is awesome). But either way, look for new content on Mondays and Thursdays from now on.

Next, I actually plan on beginning the reworking of this blog. I would also like to spend a little more time of the Fisch Fail, INC. facebook page. So that is something I may start putting a little more effort into.

While, I am an incredibly thankful for all of you who read my blog on a daily basis, I would for more of you to do the same. If you could just mention it, and direct a friend or two there, that would be awesome. Also, feel free to leave me comments about stuff you guys would like to read. I am game for writing other things too (that is my one plug-in for the week). Also, I am still open to the guest author system I wanted to try.

ErinLovesTheWeb, Stephanovitch, and Eldwardo all need to come back. I miss you guys. Make a post about something, let me know you’re all still alive (even though I see most of you almost daily…).

Bree, I don’t know if you actually read this or just check the facebook updates, but either way you are probably the single person who leaves the most comments, and thus the person I feel I have to most contact with about the blog (next to ErinLovesTheWeb, but I live with her), what are your overall opinions and thoughts regarding this place (you don’t actually have to answer, but I would like to know nonetheless)?

Also, it is almost time to resume school, which means I will have even less free time, which is rather unfortunate. However, I feel renewed in terms of school and I am actually excited about returning. But that is another story for another time.

The post-apocalyptic game that I began to run is going to be temporarily postponed (it was running on Thursdays and since I am now scheduled on Thursdays, there is a conflict). I apologize to everyone who was in it, or helping me with it. It will return eventually, just not at this time, which is quite unfortunate. However, I make this promise on this, the 19th day, of the 8th month of the year 2010, that when it returns it will be bigger, better, and more fun.

I think that is all for this time around, I will “see” everyone on Tuesday

  1. 😦 I don’t comment alot because I am usually sitting right next to you when I read the post. It seems silly to comment in text when I can just use my words. I learned that in Kindergarden. (Well the use my words part.)

  2. Breeish says:

    Way to put the spotlight on me, gosh! >__>

  3. Breeish says:

    Uhhm, uhm.. uhh..

    I don’t really know what to say other I enjoy inhaling your words with the voracity of a rust monster in a steel mill.


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