Where the fuck have you been!?

Posted: September 30, 2010 by fischfail in Anger, Random
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I’m sure that is the question on my few remaining readers’ minds (if I even have that many), and I really have no excuse except utter laziness. But, either way, I am back this time (hopefully), and plan on staying that way. First and foremost, I want to say that I am going to try doing the two post a week thing again, and who knows how that will work out for me, but I’m going to give it a go. So, where to begin with this one?

I was able to return to class this term (I don’t remember if I mentioned the issue I was having with that), and have done so. Thus far, I have attended one class (Monday), and I have one I have to attend tomorrow as well. Already I am feeling tired and worn out (then again, that could be the insomnia talking).

Work…. How you piss me off… And yet, here I am, typing this, sitting in this goofy ass guard shack wearing this goofy ass uniform, attempting to smile at all the goofy fucks that drive through and think they are fucking clever. Guess what, I’ve heard all the fucking jokes already, and they were not funny the first fucking time, let alone the 9000th… I promise you this: The next person who pulls up to this fucking window and places a food order of any sort, I am fucking murdering. No joke. I will dive through this piece of shit McDonalds® server window, and stab you in the goddamned face. Mind you, I do not work in the food business in any fucking way. Just like the next person who comes through (when they come through regularly) and pretends not to have their fucking ID (by the way, people, learn what the fuck photo ID means…), I’m going to murder… And none of this “I’m jus fuxxin’ (or however the fuck it is spelled…) wit chu, dawg!” On a final note, when you pull up to my fucking window turn the goddamn music down… I swear if I have to ask one more person where they are going, more than once, I’m going to kill myself… Also, please do not get pissed at me when my job (which is a lot more than just asking for your id, you inconsiderate pole smoker) requires me to do other things besides cater to your every fucking need… And, better yet, do not get pissed off/surprised when I am not at the window because I’m taking a fucking piss… I swear if I’m pissing and I hear you honk your fucking horn, I’m going to cut it off midstream and finish off on you…

Enough of the micro-rant that this post has turned into… Back to the topic at hand, if there is such a thing with me…

I am exhausted. Seriously… I need a vacation just so I can fucking sleep, or a few beers… Perhaps that is what I will do tonight… Either drink some rum, or buy some sleep aid… I am not sure which, but both sound good.

This message is to family, friends, employers, etc. If, you call during my sleeping hours, do not expect me to answer… And even better don’t get pissed at me for not answering… And don’t keep fucking calling, it only pisses me off and makes you less likely to get a return call… Also, I keep my phone on silent, meaning that if you call and I do not answer I am either busy or asleep, and either way I will call you back when I wake up… AND FOR CHRIST’S SAKE LEAVE A FUCKING VOICE MAIL! Also, if you contact me over an instant messaging service, and I do not respond, don’t fucking spam me… It either means I am not at my computer (which I always leave running) or I am asleep… And fuck putting up an away message, none of your cocksuckers read them anyway… So, its not worth my time… I’m not trying to be rude, but I most likely have more pressing matters than telling you what I am doing a week from next Tuesday (besides the fact that I do not fucking know…) By the way, if you call me more than twice in one hour for some bullshit question I’m blocking your number, by the way dad, that goes for you too.


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