What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

Posted: October 25, 2010 by luzob in Anger, Gaming, Life, Personal

With a passing fall/summerish night comes the second post by yours truly.

As I sit here, contemplative of AYCOoB and sifting over the world’s images of all things post-apocalyptic and abandoned, I realize that I am hitting a rather large funk in my life. While I am not the type to usually wax depressive this will most likely become the post upon which I look back and say “man… what a crappy day”.

If one were to combine the imagery of the Chernobyl and Centralia incidents mixed with maddeningly beautiful digital art of decrepit landscapes on top of some of the most emotionally visceral piano medleys it can only go to one direction. Now if one were to be upon the verge of a frightening change of life, mostly for the worse, then one can admit to a crippling feeling of despondency.

A man, in one hand a blade and the other a cross. One can protect what he holds dear and the other will be the end of him. One will save lives and the other will destroy. One can be used to control the mindless and the other to avenge the downtrodden. A weapon of power or a means for the desperate? He stands in front of what was once his home in a complete calloused daze. His tattered leather jacket is threadbare from age and travel; it has taken him quite awhile to get here. He only hopes to God that the flames took their lives quickly, allowing them respite from this profane new world. What was left of his squalid existence now a charred reminiscence of a life he once hated. With little trepidation he numbly lowers his rosary onto the singed deck, taking with him a small metallic bauble soon to be known as his sole phylactery. In a voice choked with soot and anguish he whispers “Lord, if this be thy bidding, may we never cross paths.” and slowly trudges into the waning daylight.

Well I think I have a character concept and made myself feel a little better. I think I should go to bed.

  1. Breeish says:

    This place needs a Like button.

  2. Breeish says:

    Oh hey I found one! *totally doesn’t feel dumb…*

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