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Posted: October 26, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming
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So, just wanted to stop by a make a quick update from class.  So it looks like the AYCOoB will be resuming soon enough.  Luz and I have been in constant contact with one another discussing possibilities, concepts, and plans, and with a little luck some more articles will be posted tonight or early tomorrow.  Luz has been working nonstop finding images and basically doing all the work I’ve been way too lazy to find myself, heh.

Luz has found some really amazing stuff that will hopefully all be available soon for viewing pleasure.  By the way.

Holy shit!  An AYCOoB post from Fisch?  The world must be ending!

Well, I can’t assure you the world is in fact not ending, what I can assure you of though is: yes, this is an AYCOoB post.  Actually this is a rough draft of an article that was supposed to be posted over 2 months ago, right after the last GoTD post.  However you should keep in mind that this is in fact a rough draft and should not be considered final, and will probably be updated several times by myself and Luz in the next few weeks.  And on that note, let us begin.

Before I get to the specifics of John, you have to understand the history of the military.

When the global economic structure collapsed (completely), world-wide violence broke out.  The military, which was no longer able to recruit usable soldiers, was unable to supply forces in conflict zones.  To combat this in the future, the military began specifically breeding/creating the perfect soldier.

Thus began a series of experiments.  Each generation of testing improved on the faults of the previous, and this continued through eight iterations of genetic manipulation.  The naming schemes will be discussed in detail a little later.

X1 (Project THOR): The military’s first experiment at creating the super soldier was a complete and dismal failure.  The Project THOR series was designed to trade intelligence and dexterity in favor of strength. Project THOR produced soldiers who killed each other (generally out of confusion or simple argument) more often than enemies and could barely cross a battlefield.  After Project THOR was dropped, many of the soldiers regrouped and became the first Antar (long dead by now, but they set the traditions of the later members).  An even though every soldier produced in Project THOR is long dead, the mention of X1-12 — Caption Jenkins (a solider who reportedly destroyed a tank single-handedly without the use of weapons) still causes many people to seek cover.

X2 (Project ATHENA): Learning from past mistakes, the Project ATHENA soldier was the opposite of X1.  The Project ATHENA series of solider produced highly intelligent but frail soldiers.  The hope was these super intelligent soldiers could produce new methods of combat, and while X2 produced many advancements in combat, X2 were not adept to actually fighting, and thus not profitable.

X3 (Project SPARTAN I): Being a direct result of Project ATHENA and its new technology, X3 was created.  Project SPARTAN I (Project SI for short) soldiers had a distinct advantage over X1 and X2; strong humans who were augmented with computer components.  However, they had two inherent weaknesses. 1) Humans were suddenly laden with heavy computer equipment and were vastly slower than their X1 and X2 counterparts. 2) The computer components, meant to enhance the soldiers’ natural abilities, had no restrictions in place and received too much input, and began the slope of insanity.  Many of the disbanded Project SI soldiers were shunned in society and formed the Archors culture.

X4 (Project HERMES): After the successes and failures of X3, the Military deployed a different strategy, since computer components were still so heavy, the Military decided to temporarily forget plans for the digital warrior.  Instead, they decided to make the first specialized solider: The Recon Scout.  The X4 soldier series was composed of smaller people who were built for speed, tactics, and intrusion.  While the X4 were perfect for recon, they were not effective in long-term, large-scale combat.  During this time, X3 soldiers (or the remaining ones) began improving the components used on soldiers.

X5 (Project SPARTAN II): Many advancements had occurred in the world by the time the X5 series began development.  X5 soldiers were fast, strong, and intelligent.  In other words, a good all-around soldier.  Infantry, black-ops, subterfuge, interrogation, you name it, X5 were good at it.  However, they were still wholly organic, and both X3 and X5 were working to rectify this.

X6 (Project SPARTAN III): The Project SIII soldiers were exactly the same as X5 with one difference, newly developed electronic equipment.  However, this equipment was wearable, weak, and restricted by power sources.  However, X6 proved highly efficient.  By this time, the remaining X3 soldiers died or disappeared.  X5 and X6 were now the spearheads of research.

X7 (Project ODIN): By the time X7 development began, implantable equipment began to be efficient and effective.  Implanted ocular HUD’s/scanners were added, as well as a network communication feature and cybernetic limbs.  No longer were the soldiers to be limited by limb loss (“If you lose it, we’ve got a better one for you”), communication (they could all speak to each other without problem), and (with the development of special radiation-powered packs) power source limitations. Project ODIN was believed to create the perfect general use soldier.

Now, it should be explained that each cycle of experimentation produced generic, all-purpose soldiers of about 1000 units each (no use for more, during testing…)  However, the X7 series research showed another improvement that was too late to implement…  At the time.

X8 (Project BEOWULF): Take the near perfection of Project ODIN, add smaller, stronger components, the ability to avoid rest and nourishment for days (using specialized stim packs), and battalion specialization, and you get the Project BEOWULF soldier.  Each battalion was slightly different in terms of hardware, but the breakdown is as follows:

  • 0000-0049: Medic
  • 0050-0099: Recon
  • 0100-0199: Research
  • 0200-0249: Sniper
  • 0250-0299: Transport
  • 0300-0399: Special Operations
  • 0400-0499: Intelligence
  • 0500-1000: Infantry

These numbers represent the identification code of every individual. X8-332, represents a solider from Project BEOWULF in the Special Operations ranks, similarly enough this call sign could be used to give individuals orders from anywhere on the planet.

This however, is not the time or place to discuss the differences between battalions.  However, you should know that by the time X8 was officially decommissioned, over 100,000 soldiers were created.

There…  That was the rough draft written 2.5 months ago.  I realize it needs some work (continuity, details, and further explanations), and that is all something that will get taken care of eventually.  But, for now, you have a rough idea of another Character who will be revealed soon enough (in fact, those of you who were in the BETA already met this character).  But, I think I am done for now.  I will see you all later.


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