Once upon a time in Mexico…

Posted: October 27, 2010 by fischfail in Uncategorized

As I previously stated Fisch Fail’s first poll will soon be removed, and you have only 4 days to go until it is gone forever.  At some point during this time, the blog is going to get a minor face-lift, maybe even a nose job (the insecure bastard hates his nostrils!).  It won’t be anything major, just some small cleanup here and there.  Now I know that I have said on numerous occasions that something would be changing and nothing ever does (for the most part), but this is something that has actually already been done, just not yet made public.  But enough of that for right now.

Now, the fun part (or one of many for this post).  I need everyone to start yelling at Luz to get me bio information.  Also, until I get a few certain issues figured out (with facebook and twitter), please stop by and check for updates often, for some reason, I am having issues with Luz’s posts being posted on facebook.

Next, as soon as I get some money from school (which is going to be a short while yet because of some fuck up in Bolivian airspace or some shit), I plan on purchasing some upgrades for Fisch Fail, INC., that includes at the very least a storage upgrade, maybe private hosting…  I mean fischfail.com does sound rather nice.  It also hopefully means a camera for myself, which will make putting pictures up much easier (I don’t currently have one, and it is a pain in the ass to find my moms and steal it whenever I need a new picture).

Very soon, a new part of the Fisch Fail, INC. will go live.  By the 31st, you will notice at least one new link at the top of the blog.  But more on that when it is alive, like Frankenstein.

Ever notice how each successive paragraph I write is shorter than the last (for the most part)?  Yeah, that’s how I roll, and now we go back to the long ones!

I realized the other night that I need an editor, badly.  I was rereading some older posts of mine and going insane because of all the typos.  Now, I am not normally that bad of a typist, however, my laptop’s keyboard is made of fail (and one of these days, if I ever remember, I will prove that), and half the keys do not work properly.  However, anytime you see something like “thsi,” that is purely me. So sorry.  Either way, I realized I either need an editor, or I need to turn the auto-editing features of wordpress back on…  Decisions, decisions.  Honestly, I would prefer an editor, however I seriously doubt anyone would rise to the challenge (although it would mean you get to read everything, before anyone else does, yet that would void you from any contests we might have in the future), so I think that I will turn that damn feature back on…  Either that, or I need to start proofreading my shit…  Enough on this though, its lame.

So, I realize that the slogan of Fisch Fail, INC., is “making fun of life,” and yet many of our posts have been surprisingly serious lately.  This is something that needs to be rectified, immediately.  So, from now on, I’m going to try to get access to a camera at least once a week for a random picture of my being stupid as shit.  Also, I’m going to try to get a picture of the drinking group (the one mentioned a week ago) squishy as shit.  Hopefully, that will be before clothes start being removed.

I almost forgot, it looks like the Road-Trippin’ page is actually going to go live, so look for that in the next little while.  Also, there may be a gallery up soon, but I don’t know about that (that kinda relates to the whole camera thing…).

Luz’s zombie bash (heh, get it?  Probably not) happened tonight, I stopped by after work, so I missed a lot.  I’ll let Luz discuss that if he wishes to.

Okay, for a recap of changes that will hopefully be implemented within the next month:

  • The current poll will be removed, and the poll location will be changed.
  • Get a bio from Luz and post that on the “About” page.
  • Storage upgrade and possibly private hosting.
  • Get a new camera so that pictures can actually be posted.
  • The new mystery page of Fisch Fail, INC. will be revealed.
  • My personal posts will start being proofed by various means.
  • Pictures of the drinking group being squishy will be posted
  • The Road-Trippin’ page will finally come into existence

Wow, that is a lot of stuff.  Fortunately, it’s all stuff that already exists, it just is not yet live (for the most part).

On a side note…  I just want to say I HATE the ‘Lady Jane’s’ spokesperson guy.  You know the grown-ass man who sounds like he’s a 12-year-old boy?  God, I wish a plane would fall out of the sky and onto his fucking head…  That is all, for the side note.

Eldwardo, I know I still owe you a fresh-baked batch of cookies.  But they are going to have to wait a while.  I’ve been paid two days, and I am already legally poor once again.  Sorry, bro.

I think that is all for now though.  But considering I am at work while writing this, expect this post to get much longer.


  1. Breeish says:

    Not that I read through this just to say “AHA! YOU FUCKED UP GOOD SIR!”… srsly. XD

    God, I wish a plan would fall out of the sky and onto his fucking head. X3

    There’s some other punctual errors that I would change, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  2. Breeish says:

    I had put (Plane) next to plan, but apparently wordpress doesn’t like greater than/less than symbols.

  3. luzob says:

    yeah Luz, get your shit together… oh wait…

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