Does premeditated murder count towards college credit?

Posted: October 29, 2010 by fischfail in Anger
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Sadly, I think not.  But damn, I wish it did. I should probably start from the beginning.

So, tonight I am sitting in class trying to finish up my homework that is due, as well as work on the assignment that is due in just a few short minutes.  And all of a sudden the bitch who sits next to me, decides I am REQUIRED to help her…  She will not stop hounding me until I do.  Never mind her section of the assignment isn’t due for at least 20 minutes.  So finally I say “Look, I have number 5 to do, very soon.  After I complete it, I will give you assistance.” And I go back to work.

So, a few minutes later, she finally resumes badgering me…  “Well if you don’t want to help me, just say so, but it’s not going to take you long, just a couple of minute’s right?  I mean, that is unless you can’t do it.”

Are you actually trying to guilt me into doing something?  Good job, now you’ve guaranteed that I will not help you until I finish this ENTIRE assignment.  Go fuck yourself, bitch.

Finally, she convinces the instructor to help her (you know, give her the fucking answer).  Then it is time for the test, which is open book, piece o’ fucking cake!  The enter time I am taking my test, she is hounding me for answers, asking what I got for question # whatever…  IT’S IN THE FUCKING BOOK! LOOK IT UP!

After 15 minutes, I finish my test, and leave.  But not before I thought about doing this:

Keyboard Smack

God I wish I could've done this, but I have not yet mastered the technique

So I leave.  I am on my way home, and decide to stop at Meijers for a pack of cigarettes.  Upon parking, I almost get hit by this cocksucker is a BMW who is speeding through the parking lot.  So, we both get out of our respective vehicles and I call him “a worthless piece of shit” who should be castrated and then bleed to death.  His response?

“I will slit your throat, leave you to die, and then fuck your mother to death!”  Wow…  So I kindly tell reply with, “follow me to my car, and I’ll give you the knife, if you really want to kill me.”  He backs off after that…  So, I make my purchase (of a pack of smokes, a dr. pepper, and a snicker’s bar), still slightly in shock, and return to my car.  When from behind me, I hear a guy with a knife demand me to hand over my money…

So, I turn around, slowly, announce “You can have it…” and pull 11 dollars out of my pocket.  I hold it in my left hand, and my right hand is holding the drink and candy bar…  He grabs the money and the snicker’s bar and then runs off…

That’s right, tonight, I’ve considered murdering a classmate, got into an argument, AND got robbed for 11 dollars and a snicker’s bar…

You’re shitty day story is irrelevant.

  1. Breeish says:

    Mine is indubitably irrelevant in comparison.

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