There’s a demon inside of me, can I kill it?

Posted: November 4, 2010 by fischfail in Health
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I’m at work again, and you all know what that means, another long-ass post (that makes very little sense) by yours-truly.

So, I mentioned in my last post that I would probably slack in the number of posts I made until I figured out what the fuck is wrong with my head.  That hasn’t changed.  Honestly, I haven’t made it to the doctors yet, solely due to a major lacking of funds.  However, I do plan on going Friday, and seeing if we can’t figure this out.  But here is what’s going on.  For about the past week now (maybe a little longer), I’ve been getting these horrible headaches, that are focused on the left side of my head (there is no pain in the right).  I am not experiencing sensitivity to light or sound, and there are no feelings of nausea.  Just pain.  Now, anyone that has known me for more than three days can tell you, I have quite a high pain threshold.  This re-occurring headache however has debilitated me, kept me pinned down, unable to do anything.  In fact, ErinLovesTheWeb has seen me brought to tears because of this fucking thing, and it is starting to bother me.  When the pain is at its worst, I can’t focus, my vision blurs, I loose all depth-perception, and there is a slight haze that develops.  I’ve taken painkillers, I’ve received massages, I’ve tried relaxing, and I’ve tried sleeping.  None of it helps.  The worst part about this demon in my head, is the fact that it rears it’s ugly head at completely random times, and the duration is different each time.  One time I may have it for 5 minutes, and the next time is three hours.  But I think I am done discussing the problems with my head for now, I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on with it, and the reasons why I would most likely be distant for awhile.

It also looks like ErinLovesTheWeb, Dan, myself, and possibly others are going to be creating a work group for gaming.  This group will meet once a week or so, to discuss one current game.  This can include storyline, character generation, map, anything.  This is also a venue that is designed to get other people’s feedback on ideas a person has regarding their game.  The idea is once a week, a designer will be “featured” and that is the game we focus on.  With the four games in the works between the three of us, it should be interesting.  I think the first meeting will actually be about the game Dan is creating, and I’m sure at some point a schedule will be worked out, saying who has the spotlight each time.  I don’t know if we will be allowing more people to join at this time, and that is something I would have to work out with them, but if we decide to allow others to join, I’ll let you know on here.

It would appear that both Dan’s and my interest in UO is waning.  I personally do not know how much longer I will continue playing, it is just getting annoying and rather boring.  As it is, I’ve been playing considerably less lately, than I had been, and actually have not been on in over 24 hours at this point…  Big deal. And Dan is considering going back to Fable.

It also appears that Dan and I are going to attempt to build a cluster computer, we have no real goals for it currently, but we will see what comes of it, when it is functional.

On a rather lame side note, I missed a midterm.  And, on another even lamer side note, this may be the end of this post as my headache has returned.

  1. Breeish says:

    I’m sorry about your cranium. Sound’s annoying. 😦 I hope it’s an easy fix.

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