Kick, Punch, It’s All in the Mind

Posted: November 19, 2010 by luzob in Uncategorized
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So… this is my official first “in the midst of drinking” post… This won’t be pretty…

So far destroyed a 22 of Winter Lager for flavor, then have a couple of Ice’s to keep me going. The best part about starting my alcoholic adventure at the age of 22 is that I am still a wonderful lightweight, which costs me less… which is good.

I thought about initially NOT deleting any of the typos in which I create to show the eventual intoxication that shall inevitably take me over. I have now changed my mind, due to the fact that I make very little mistakes even whilst drunk and Fisch would prolly kick my arse for it anyway. This beer is making itself disappear rather quickly, and I am alright with that.

I want a monkey skull… God I love vegetable-flavored crackers…

When I drink I love getting attention, but for right now I am alone, generously searching the deep inner sanctums of my psyche to figure out when I had lost my True Self. I know it was sometime during highschool when I decided to drop the proverbial “fuck it” on my life and begin my journey into failhood (yeah, I will make up words). Just so you know, drinking alone can oft lead to great revelations, and I believe this is not one of those times.

Update: It’s now the next day, and I had decided not to post this, and just close the window. Welly well… I look through my drafts and guess what’s there? It’s a sign that I must post this, and now I will.


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