Simu-Post December 2010

Posted: December 7, 2010 by luzob in Life, Personal, Weight Loss
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What does this mean?!? This means I am posting on both of my blogs AT THE SAME TIME! Whoo… how nice…

A quick apology to the readers of this fine forum on behalf of myself and Fisch, we’ve been busy boys as of late and I am assured forgiveness will ensue. A hardy thanks from us both!

Speaking of “both”… I will be writing each entry one paragraph at a time, alternating as I go. So far this seems to be a novel way to keep my attention, and I feel as if I am doing only half as much typing, strangely enough. This is reminding me of a new homework-completion strategy I have learned about and will possibly be implementing. It is formally called the “30/30” process and basically involved doing thirty minutes of nose-to-grindstone work, then thirty minutes of something in which is enjoyable. The point is to have a feeling of “a break is just around the corner” while still feeling “I must get all I can done by this time” as well. Mayhap I will use this for my next semester, as this one is rapidly coming to a close, much to my relief.

Acing all of my classes, hammering out a consistent work out routine, and generally attempting to bring about positive change has left me spent in a multitude of ways. Yet I still push onward, entranced within a world of improvement which is solely my own, and push I shall.

With change comes what i would call a mental extinction burst (look it up) whereas I must digress into a mood similar to the common Pagurus armatus, or hermit crab. This may need some clarification; I want to run away, to the respite of my bed – crawling beneath – and awaiting until all personal betterment has receded. Frivolous, yes? Though the thought of cowering in my room permeates through my being, I still trudge onward.

Such dramatic language I use today, blamed on the large composition paper I had to write in one entire day. Luckily this will pass and the usual lackadaisical vernacular I execute will come fourth within the next few days. Laziness, here’s looken’ at you…

Speaking of apathy I will now cut this short, with the hope of publishing more often.


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