Save Us, From All the Evil That We Do…

Posted: December 13, 2010 by luzob in Uncategorized
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Just a quickie while at school. I’m passing all my courses, whoo. I won’t be on here very often until Mr. Fail himself can fix my virus’d up compy. It gives me an indication that my hard-drive is missing, which even with a skeleton knowledge of computers is absolutely hillarious. Another indication is telling me that I need some “sertified” download to fix shit, and unless there is some sort of jargon I’m missing out on, I am sure this is spelled incorrectly.

I will put this here and now: My co-poster, namely Fisch, is a pivitol resource in my lack of destroying everyone I come across, meaning he is a very good friend whom I would be lost without. At times I may understate this fact, and am “gayly” overdoing now. Thank you for everything.

Lastly; everyone try not to die on those satanic roads, we need your blog visits.

One last thing, this is my third post in a row on here, someone wake my other author!


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