Pics or it didn’t happen.

Posted: December 19, 2010 by fischfail in Pictures
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So, I’ve been promising more pictures for quite some time now, and ErinLovesTheWeb finally uploaded a bunch of pictures.  Some of these are rather old, so I’m going to try and remember each story the best I can.  By the way, Luz has no idea about some of these pictures.  Its going to be great. By the way, this post is going to be insanely pic heavy (sorry).

First up, Eldwardo and myself playing around.  These pictures were taken during the spring.


Eldwardo as the Mexican Batman?

And here’s another one.


It? Returns!

These next two pictures come from the fall.  When Eldwardo got a flat tire ErinLovesTheWeb and myself came to the rescue…  I rode the new tire…

That’s me riding that bitch like there’s no tomorrow.
Me again… Being stupid
Once again… I think this was when I was starting the get the hang of it.

Next up you have Luz, Eldwardo , and myself being squishy (for you lame people, that’s drunk)


Elwardo, myself, and Luz. Drunk


Elwardo, myself, and Luz. Drunk... Wait, why is Eldwardo biting my finger?


Me... Drunk... as shit!

Next up is ErinLovesTheWeb trying to dye here hair hot pink a while back…  It didn’t really work….

Erin's Hair

It was supposed to black and hot pink. It ended up being black and blonde.

And now, we have some random ones of Luz for some odd reason.


Does he have to poop or something?


Apparently he did... Now he is trying not to.


"Too late... I pooped... Just a little though."

Next we have me…  I am showing the 5 faces I am capable of making….


Face 1!


Face #2!


I think I'm lost...?


...I've got nothin'


Why the hell do my head and arms not appear so disproportionate?

Next is ErinLovesTheWeb and I were playing in a coverall suit, I came across….


This is me... It actually covers my whole body.


This is ErinLovesTheWeb is the same suit...

I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned mine and ErinLovesTheWeb‘s buddy Cornelius Barcroft III, but here he is.  There’s a story with (that I may or may not have told), but it’s too long to go here.


That's Cornelius, before the accident. Best respect homie.


A close up of Cornelius. Isn't he cute?

These last pictures (for now) are of the scarves ErinLovesTheWeb created that I spoke of, First up Yoda’s and then mine.

Yoda's Scarf


Yoda's Scarf

He is currently undressing you.

Yoda's Scarf


My Scarf

That's blueberry tea. Only real gangsta's drank that shiz, yo!

Me and my scarf

The full thing. Its pretty sweet

Incidentally, ErinLovesTheWeb says I always make these weird ass faces for pictures?  Do you guys think that’s true?

  1. luzob says:

    oh lord… I need to post some pics of me not looking like a drunken and retarded fat lumberjack

  2. eldwardo says:

    HA I forgot about those
    but that’s not to surprising I just barely remember how drunk we were.

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