A game of things….

Posted: December 21, 2010 by fischfail in Gaming

So, if you’ve never heard of it, it is an amusing game that only gets more fun the dirtier the group.

Examples of cards include:

“Things you shouldn’t do at a theater…”

“Things that exhaust you…”

“Things you shouldn’t do at a funeral…”

“Things you shouldn’t do in public…”

“Things that are embarrassing…”

“Things that confirm you are guilty…”

“Things you shouldn’t say to your dentist…”

“Things you wish grew on trees…”

“Things you shouldn’t do in a house…”

“Things you shouldn’t call your children…”

Now the game is played by the first person (the reader) drawing a card and reading it aloud.  The other players write down their response and pass it to the reader.  The reader then reads all the responses aloud.  The player to the left of the reader (the guesser) goes first, they then try to match each guess with the person who wrote it.  If the guesser is correct, they guess again, and the person matched is out for the round.  If they are wrong, play continues to the next person.  There is a point system, but that doesn’t really matter, just make your own.

An example of a round I played recently went as follows:

The card: “Things you shouldn’t do at a party…”

And the guesses?

Person 1: “Roofie someone”

Person 2: “Loose your pants.”

Person 3: “Drop a deuce in the brownie bowl…”

Person 4: “Piss in the sink”

Person 5: “Sit alone in the corner”

Sad part is, that was actually one of the cleanest game of the night.  However, I should mention that most rounds included the words “boobs,” “poop,” and/or “penis.”

That is all for today.  I had written that the other night and going to supplement it with other stuff.  Then I didn’t, get over it, and I will see you all again before Christmas.


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