For Breeish… Like a boss.

Posted: January 19, 2011 by fischfail in Uncategorized

Yeah, I’ve been on vacation, big deal, wanna fight about it? No, in all seriousness, both Luz and myself have been dealing with quite a bit of shit recently (relationships, work, school), and haven’t had a lot of free time. That and I redid my computer again, which still isn’t done by the way. But either way, here is a short little one, expect a real one tomorrow (after I get out of class).

On some side news, ErinLovesTheWeb has been going through many a personal problems, and whether or not she tells you all is up to her. But that is neither here nor there. However, I do want to say that I have the most amazing girlfriend on the face of the fucking planet, and if you say otherwise, I’ll fucking murder you. But, there I am sitting at work, doing a little homework, basically being miserable, and here comes ErinLovesTheWeb. Through my little window thing, she hands me a candy bar (or two), a big ass mountain dew, and some sushi. However, all good stories have an evil segment. In this case, I am unable to eat exactly half of the sushi, tuna, which I am allergic to… Make a sad face for now! But It’s all good, I am not too worried, I just won’t eat those pieces. She leaves, I begin to grub.

I eat two pieces of the delicious, when traffic picks up, the next thing I know, once again, here is ErinLovesTheWeb, this time handing me a bag of McDonalds to make up for the lost sushi. Fucking awesome. So, now I have destroyed this food that she so graciously brought me, and now it time to go back to homework. I’ve missed you guys, and I hope you were actually awaiting my return.

  1. luzob says:

    Don’t forget illness too! *sniffle*

    Also… I want sushi as well…

  2. Breeish says:


    I didn’t know you were allergic to tuna 0.0. Hmm learn somthin new every day.

    • I am, I am also allergic to like 117 different other things as well, including sour cream, cats, pine sap, bees, and many other types of plants. Just making sure you learn something today as well.

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