Ya scurvy dog!

Posted: February 10, 2011 by fischfail in Uncategorized

So, I am officially a scurvy pirate, now the only thing I need is a missing appendage. Ummm, this is a short one. But I have the scurvy. In words of Luz “Who the fuck gets scurvy in this century?” And in the words of Eldwardo “I’m going to sit over here, with the people who actually consume Vitamin C.”

So I am going to open a little contest, called “The Jokes on me.” The best pirate/scurvy/joke about me wins. Pictures also count. The prize is yet to be determined, but I guarantee you there is one.

Oh, and Eldwardo, your cookies will be coming as soon as I get some fucking money.

  1. drezirale says:

    The strangest shit happens to you bro…
    Next thing you know we’ll be on a quest for The Black Perl

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