Insight, regrets, and the future.

Posted: February 17, 2011 by fischfail in Uncategorized

Fisch Fail, INC., has been lagging in posts recently (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you all this information again), however both Luz and myself are quite busy people, with more on our plates than is probably healthy. So once again, we open our doors for anyone that cares to join the Fail, INC. family of friends. Since Fisch Fail, INC. has many goals for the upcoming 4 months (the time it will take for us to turn one year old), we are beginning to really push for ideas.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever listed what I had hoped to achieve in one year. I think this would be an appropriate time and place.

  1. To make 200+ posts in a single year. Now these are substantial posts, not the one or two liners that Fisch Fail, INC. has almost become famous for.
  2. An average of at least one USER comment per two posts (you guys are smart enough to figure out what I meant there.)
  3. To reply and respond with meaning discussions to every comment we receive, a task we try very hard to keep on top of.
  4. To average 20+ views a day (yes that is a low number, which will hopefully grow with time, or what is really the point?).
  5. To provide a broad range in information and entertainment.
  6. To still be around.

When I first created the idea behind Fisch Fail, INC., I had written those goals down on a piece of scrap paper, tucked it into my wallet, and began my work as a blogger. Now, approaching our first birthday, I realize that a few of those goals have not yet been met (specifically numbers 1, 2, and 4).

I for one (with Luz’s agreement and quite possibly many of yours) do not wish to see Fisch Fail, INC. go down the tubes like my last goldfish, Sharky. Now there is still a good number of things to come for Fisch Faill, INC, and we do not wish to stop anytime soon.

One thing that I never thought would happen is the addition of new roles here at Fisch Fail, INC, and that is not to say I am ungrateful, on the contrary, I am quite appreciative of all the help and support we receive on a daily basis.

Now I regret to inform you of some saddening (at least for me) news. On my way into work today, I made an audio post regarding a special guest author who would be joining us temporarily. However, shortly after making that post, I received a phone call from this author saying they would have to place their article on hold for a bit, since a few things has suddenly arisen in their life, I understand.

I’ve discussed the future of Fisch Fail, INC. both previously in this post, and in the past in general. And in this case I could say something completely asinine like “well, we never have to worry about the future, because all we have is the present” or some such shit. But that is not accurate at all. I know I personally am tired of describing the future of Fisch Fail, INC, and you are all just as tired of hearing about without actually seeing any results. So from now on I promise you I will not discuss future changes until they actually occur.

For now though, I am going to call an end to this post. I will see you all very shortly.


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