Who Wants a Poast? I Does!

Posted: February 19, 2011 by luzob in Alcohol
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So yeah… I think you know where this stuff will go to…

Yep, drunk post… oh joy…

Burnout, and not the game, is becoming a large part of my life as of late, especially with everything on my plate.

Sometimes I wish I could have interesting life stories like Mr. Fail on here, other times I’m glad I do not.

I’m been tired of rum, so I got flavored rum… It suits me well, as I am in a decent humor… How long can these posts be? I wonder.

So… Steampunk… it’s good, yeah? We like it, mmhmm. Onto other business.

I want that damn drum, but I am currently apprehensive to the prospect of owning something in which I will use all of twice then use it as an ornate end table. I also require a kukri… Thank Sean Kennedy for that current whim…

Wow… kukri was almost a “this word is spelled right” on wordpress, then upon further inspection, I was incorrect. WordPress is also not a word in it’s own site, so who is the wrong one now? Most likely me.

I do so wish Mr. Fail was here, or at least someone…


Alright, I’ve been slightly dishonest with my wondrous readers, and from this point forward I will not fix my typos for the rest of the post.

It’ds amazing hiw I can type well in such a state, then get to that point where I dont can’te (care) to correct myself. Nope, the backspace heykey willl not be used anymore. Makes me seem more drunk, hm? Still the same.

Sonn will I will post at my other blog, due to the fact that I’ve so much to report on, including a new Woodchculk cider flavor!

Is this goinna take forever?!? Yes, little Billy, it will…

But in all seriouslyness I ran out of bacardi…  Does anyone elver actually wish for the zombuie apaocapypse? I swear I know how to spell that word… I promise…

I’ve officially attempted to unscrew the top off a bottle withot a top, that is empty… jeez… what a mess I’ve uncovered…

Hm what else, what else. I’m in my important sdchool program at school now, more about that with csomberness.

Lastly, I like Kat Williams, and I’m white, fucking deal with it/

amnd I typed that perfectly…

  1. Holy shit, welcome back brother. Wish I had known you would be alone tonight, we would have joined you for sure.

  2. luzob says:

    Called you three times and left a voicemail (I think). Unless you get a carrier pigeon I’d suggest answering your phone (or AIM)

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