Those who cry wolf…

Posted: April 15, 2011 by drezirale in Alcohol, Humor, Life
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Salutations, it is I, Internet Sensation Drez. Now with  Fisch Fail, INC. blogging action! Now, that aside– ever feel like you can sometimes attract the wrong kind of people? Not me, I’m actually too awesome for that. Well, that’s not entirely true. While I am awesome, I do feel I tend to attract the wrong kind of people. The reason for this being is that I’d recently come across a (insert generic social website here) comment from one of my exes.

Now, first of all I’d like to explain I stay friends with all my exes. I get over them relationship wise, and then I turn that into a sort of pseudo friendship/acquaintanceship. Honestly, it keeps things less complicated. I don’t actively pursue hanging out with them. However, I keep them at a friendly range so that I’m not surprised by them coming back into my life. The whole “OMG I STILL LOVE YOU!” concept is now nipped in the ass so to speak. As well as any other drama that may come about from keeping them at a distance and silently resenting them. Not only that, but I really don’t have the time to hate them as I have my own life to handle, which they clearly didn’t want a part of. This is incredibly fine with me.

I digress, what got me thinking of how I attract the wrong kind of people was a certain comment. She was talking of how she couldn’t get drunk from consuming large amounts of alcohol. She then went on to say she felt like she was getting more sober, and that the only explanation was that she was a faerie. I wanted so badly to send her a “this again?” comment but, that’s what I would have done back when I dated her six years ago. I’m an adult now, or at least I hope to be one day. I’m like Pinocchio, in the aspect that the immature I am the higher my testicles ascend. Thank god I can’t talk otherwise I’d sound like a fourteen year old girl.

BACK TO THE COMMENT! Sorry, not only did I get ahead of myself I trailed off a bit into wordland. What? It’s a real place! Look it up! Preferably in a book.  So anyway, when I first dated her she believed all sorts a strange shit. She was a werewolf, a faerie, a goddess, and the list goes on. Not only this but I was apparently a dark prince and vampires were out to get her. Now I know what you are thinking… we all have that one significant other who’s totally batshit crazy. Well yes, this was more than likely my worst. However, not the only.

The thing is actually, most of my relationships have been with people who I felt had lost their damn mind at one point or another during the relationship. In fact the least crazy person I’ve ever been with is my current squeeze, who was diagnosed with a psychological disorder, figure that one out. I don’t resent them for this, I just simply look back and scratch my head at it all. It’s in the past as it is and frankly at this juncture in my life I find it all funny. The only reason I think about it was because that one comment came up. I had to laugh and share.

That said, I have run out of things to write. So uh… (insert zingy catchy sign-off)


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