Audio Post – I got shot… I got shot with a crossbow

Posted: April 18, 2011 by fischfail in WTF
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Under no circumstances should you attempt this. It could have resulted in serious injury.  We are not professionals and neither are you…

This is the audio post made immediately after Drezirale was shot with a crossbow. Pictures are below…  Note: He was wearing armor.

Let me set up the scene for you.  There is Drezirale armored and standing at the end of the hallway.  Luz loads the crossbow.

All is silent.

The silence is nerve-racking.  Everyone except Luz is trembling with anticipation.


Drezirale is hit dead center, with pinpoint accuracy.  There is no movement.  There is no sound.

The silent seconds drift by, stretching for all eternity.

Still no one moves.  No one make a noise…

Then the sound of nervous laughter from myself and Luz.  Drezirale is still not moving.

Then Drezirale realizes he is alive.  He  begins to move, he is shaking…  What the fuck have we done?

Crossbow and dart

Crossbow and dart

Drezirale with a perfect shot in the back

Side view of Drezirale

Drez standing, showing the Internet Sensation is still alive.

Drezirale still alive!

Drezirale proving to everyone (himself) that he is still alive.

Armor 2

The armor and bolt

The armor that saved Drezirale's life...

The armor that saved Drezirales life...

On a side note, this was fake, it was all set up in a safe environment.

  1. drezirale says:

    I should have fallen over to make you guys freak out.

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