They are just GIVING things away at FischFail.

Posted: April 18, 2011 by drezirale in Fisch Fail, Food

So I’ve noticed the other authors giving prizes away for certain things. Now I think it’s my turn. There is a stipulation however. I need this post to get 22 separate comments, from separate individuals. Why do I am so high you ask? First of all, it’s my favorite number, don’t hate. Secondly, I saw the views on my last story, I know you people are out there watching.

So what’s the prize? Well if you read one of my earlier posts you’d know I discovered an interesting place to eat. I would go as far as to say godly place to eat. I would like to treat someone to this place to eat. That’s right! Dinner on an Internet Sensation.

Here’s how it works: I get 22 different comments from separate individuals, just like Luz wants, I will take someone to dinner. How do I decide you ask? Here’s where this shit gets all kinds of fun. YOU the reader post a comment here, be it via WordPress or in the simple comment box below. Then I put names of all 22 commenters into a hat and draw the winner. So wait? How do I know who wins you ask? Here is where I need a bit of your help.

Below, there is a place for a name choose a fancy little net name. We don’t use real names here. It’s just a rule deal with it. I don’t care if you type “sparkling rainbow dildos” in the name field. I don’t really care. However, if someone has chosen this name pick another. As I wont know who is the winner if there are multiple sparkling rainbow dildos. Now, I need to know how to reach the winner. There is a place for email, put that shit there! Fret not, no one but the authors can see people’s emails. It just helps so I can let the winner know they won.


This post!

If the linked above post gets 13 separate comments from 13 separate people I will even come pick you up! Provided you live within a 25 mile radius of this location: 43711 Michigan Avenue, Canton, MI 48188-2551 (L George’s Coney Island) Mapquest that shit!

I’m still not done! I have one more incentive. If the winner is a WordPress user subscribed to us I might even take you to a movie. Aww, but what if you don’t have a WordPress? Well that means you just have to make one and subscribe to us. Suck it up, it’s for the greater good.


  1. Shit that means I’m next on the contest front… You and Luz both have competitions going. Now I’ve got to find something to give away. I mean besides this awesome space that some many people like to come to. I’ve got some ideas, it is just a matter of financing for me, but I’ll work something out.

  2. COCKSAUCE says:


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