So work stuff I guess…

Posted: May 1, 2011 by drezirale in Anger, Employment, Life, Nerd, Random
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So… I haven’t really been posting that much as I haven’t felt up to it. With all that’s been going on I just felt none of it was really worth logging. Keep an eye out though I might have some good stuff coming your way soon. Who knows.

So this one will be kind of short so lets get at it. It’s a brief summery of the goings on at my work in the last two weeks. This summery will consist of mostly ‘My Face When’ pictures frequently appearing on a popular image board.

My face when I found out the first shift person who always got on my nerves was being transferred:

My face when I found out the manager who always saves my ass was being transferred too:

My face when new manager told the other shifts they would now do 70% of midnight’s work:

U Mad?

My face when I realize the effect of this leaves me with absolutely nothing to do all day:

My face when everyone hates the new changes and all want transfers:



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