Momentous Occasion!

Posted: June 7, 2011 by luzob in Uncategorized

As you all know, FF has seen it’s ups and downs, but has always (for the most part) stayed the same.

Key memories have been:

The first time I began posting here. For some reason I was completely blown away by the concept of “co-authoring” a blog. I’ve been on blogs before, but never standing upon the shoulders of another.

The first audio post. CAN YOU HEAR US? We’ve had much fun posting via our voices, sober or not.

When Drez hit the blog, with a THUMP! “Why the hell do we have so many views? When did we get so goddamn important?” – Me.

The not-so-good times as well, including my (too) long hiatus. Why’d I leave? Why’d I come back? That’s another post.

Now past the memories, I want to announce that will become more.

Coming soon: FISCHFAIL.COM!!! You heard it, hopefully sooner than later I, Luz will be acquiring our own domain name! It will cause a little confusion, but my goal is that is anyone ever searches “Fisch” you will find only two things:

Gay German Pron

and our fucking blog.

Lastly, let us know if you can think of any memories/posts from FF that stuck out to you.

More Lastly: I want you all to know I personally appreciate the support and caring you’ve all given to us, and I want Drez and Fisch to know they are two of the best friends I’ve ever had, and here’s to another year of awesome! Keep reading and we’ll keep posting!


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