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Posted: June 13, 2011 by drezirale in Uncategorized

So, I have been looking around on the (OH god bout to name drop) Pure Michigan website. I’m thinking of soon going to a festival, at random… something soonish. June/July kinda soonish. However, I can’t decide what I want to go to.

So here is the deal FFI readers, you get to help me decide. This includes authors! Visit here (<—Fisch has edited that and made it a link) and give me an event to go to. Please, lets at least keep the shit in Southeast Michigan, if you could.

My main goal here is to promote the fuck out of Fisch Fail, Inc. I’m going to our local office supply store and getting business cards, flyers, magnets, and stickers made up. I’m doing this shit up the whole nine yards. I’ll be there taking pictures, and possibly video. Yes, in full internet sensation gear. Sure it will be hot and awkward, but it’s all for you guys. THE MOTHER FUCKIN’ FANS! You guys rock, and hopefully we will get more of you by doing this.

Hmmm… Maybe I can even coax Luz into giving me backup on the Djimbe depending on the festival….


  1. luzob says:

    One vote here for Piratepalooza!

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