Posted: June 14, 2011 by drezirale in Employment

Have you ever met your polar opposite? I have, and I work with him. So we just got this new midnight guy. He’s modest, selfless, safety cautious, rule abiding, calm, quiet, and keeps his opinions to himself. It’s like night and day with us, and I really couldn’t stand him after the first five minutes. After a while I either think I’m starting to break his shell of he’s just backing off because he doesn’t like to push people. I however, do. I love pushing people. Shit never gets old, just ask Luz.

Whatever happened with this new guy be it option A or B I still feel like I won. I did however, mention this to another co-worker. He suggested that I find him a little annoying is because of my “flaws”. So which I said… “Now, I want to get something straight. I may be an arrogant, self centred, reckless, rule braking, spaztic, loud, and opinionated asshole. but those are not flaws. Those are what make me awesome.”


  1. Wow, someone is awfully full of themselves today.

  2. luzob says:

    My suggestion: you need to take notes on this guy, Drez (or should I say Zerd?)… He can either be the guy that levels you out, saves your ass, or fucks you over. Eyes and ears, man.

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