Life on the Lake: Day 2

Posted: June 14, 2011 by fischfail in Diet, Employment, Guest, Health, Life, Weight Loss
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so, at the risk of making all you fuckers jelly, and the fact that I actually miss you bastards (the Fisch Fail, INC family may be one of the best things to ever happen to me), I decided to bring you all on this journey with me. Even if it is only virtually.

So I awoke at 5am today, because I couldn’t breath (fucking allergies), I decided I would forgo my new morning routine (which I will talk about momentarily).

So today, I get dresses and consume the same basic breakfast as yesterday (coffee, banana, granola, yogurt, and a piece of toast). After breakfast I take a multivitamin and cranberry pills (fuck both scurvy and kidney stones, not to mention whatever other illnesses that I’ve managed to acquire due to vitamin deficiencies), and decide to go for a nice long walk/jog. This is opposed to the jog/intense workout I am now shooting for.

The reason for the change of plans: I forgot to purchase a few items on last nights shopping excursion (allergy meds, water, etc.). So the way there is fine, its the trip back that blows. So now I’m hiking back and I come to highway. Crossing it the first time was no problem, I am now however, carrying a bag of random shit and 3 gallons of water (the tap water here is basically undrinkable and its terrible to cook in). And yet there is another problem, already the road was much busier already.

My heart beat is up, my muscles are slightly burning (I just started these new habits… It’s been a long time since I’ve moved faster than a wal, and I need to move fast…

I could draw this out, but why? I made it back safely. The entire trip took a lot less time than expected, I took my stuff inside and then stepped back outside to snap these photos.


Another morning view

Another view of the morning


There's an island over there.


Any post (facebook/twitter) I make while on a boat, this is it.

There's a house over, its kinda creepy looking... In a charming way.

How can this be the "poor" side of the lake, with views like that?

The sun is just coming over the tree line.

Now it’s time for my morning swim. I decide to take a lap across the lake. I forgot how long its been since I’ve actually went for a swim (as opposed to splashing around in a personal pool).

After my swim, I have a snack of a hard boiled egg, piece of cheese, and some grapes.

It was around this time, that I learned today was basically a non-work day, which is okay with me, because that means I could get a lot of background work for the blog and its resources done, as well as some research. I was also able to help ErinLovesTheWeb, who has a sprained ankle, setup our apartment, work areas, and bedroom.

Speaking of background information, I need to have a “conference” with the Fisch Fail, INC family.

Before I end this post, you should all make sure to check out the guest post by Breeish as well as the first official post made by Ech13.

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