She’s a brick—-house

Posted: June 14, 2011 by Breeish in Uncategorized

Shake it down, shake it down now.

Not sure how to move a post easily… so I did it some weird way most likely

This post is about porn, maybe other things, I’m not sure as I haven’t written it yet.

Porn can be… a magical thing. Sometimes it sneaks up upon you in all the right ways, there you are, browsing the web for something innocent, like double rainbows and kittens and such, and there on some advertisement or in some troll’s post is something that catches your eye, and appeals to you in such a way you begin to look for more of it, and this continues until you realize your boyfriend might have some serious questions about your mental stability were he to get the idea to mosey through your web history, and you either take care of it in secret or pounce on him while hes half awake and bewildered as to just what has gotten into your head and how he can cause this process to happen more often.

But usually…it can completely kill your mood before you’ve even started. And that what I was trying to get at!

Seriously? Spyro?!?! Ugh my childhood… tainted!

And what’s with all these ladies staring at the camera? For one, girls in porn tend to be brick—-faces. They have a rockin’ body to some degree or another but their face.. ugh.. paper bag. Especially when they are doing that curly lip teeth fake roar thing. I just don’t get it. And then, Focus on the task at hand! It’s so creepy and not a turn on that you stare doe faced at the camera instead of getting into that thing that’s getting into you.

You know how hard it is to find porn that’s more sensual? Finding it where there’s just two people, and they’re doing more foreplay, with the kissing of the collar bone, lobe nibbling, rubbing things other then nipples and genitalia, and not having the one just pounding away so fast that his dick would break if he happened to slip out and miss-aim his reentry. Bah! If I want that I just need to Google some tentacle rape.

Well that’s my take on that. Anyways.. Oh! My friend/ex-roommate, his girlfriend cannot stand the idea of him looking at porn, he hides it like a stash of some illegal substance somehow storage-able on an external hard-drive only indulging when she’s going to be working for a good while. And I guess a lot of a girls are like this (I’m really not close friends with other girls anymore, and all the ones I was good friends with turned lesbian the last few years and our friendships drifted apart, not because of the lesbianism, just idk. what was I saying…?) Ok yeah sometimes you want to be given all the attention, but never? Sometimes you need porn to get you both in the mood if one of you is tired or hungry or been working all day and pissed off. And what’s wrong with that? Yeah ok she’s hotter than you, but…he’s got nice biceps and WHERE are either of you going to get a mustang steed and a pair of Asian ladies in bondage in real life? ;P Sometimes it opens you both up to new ideas … sometimes it turns out so bad that you give up laughing your ass off because neither of you can even try anymore with butter-face trying to keep the camera aimed at her head. Which a double-killed mood can suck but at-least you’re laughing, I am anyway. XP

And how do YOU feel about porn?

  1. You should all tell Breeish hello!

  2. drezirale says:

    *doesn’t need porn has a mirror*

  3. Breeish says:

    He could get a penis pump and see about fucking his own ass. I demand a camera!

  4. MoonPie says:

    Wow you guys…. Wow….. speechless

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