So about today being my labday

Posted: June 15, 2011 by ech13 in Alcohol, Food, Life, Uncategorized

Today was amazing, through and through.  Work wasn’t horrendous (usually it is, believe me) and I got to chill with luz, eldwardo and fitz (whom you may or may not know, not too sure)  anyway, we basically lit up the grill, cooked a metric SHIT TON of food (i’m talking, country ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, pork chops, chicken, corn you name it we probably cooked it  or ate it)  Cracked open about a case and a half of beer between the gour of us and just chilled. It was one of those feelings that you just didn’t want to end.  Well of course it had to due to circumstances that are obvious to us 4, but whatever.   Let me take this time to give a massive shout out to my significant other bear (whom you will hopefully know if I can coax her to write here or something) for she was a massive help to this amazing labday.  So if she ever reads this (which i’m not sure if she will) thank you, i love you and blah blah blah lovey dovey crap.

Now that i’m done purging about the day, I think I may go actually purge.

Now I leave you with a talking dog


  1. Damn, sorry I wasn’t around. Sounds kinda like the shit.

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