Another author, another pirate affliction….

Posted: June 19, 2011 by drezirale in Uncategorized

Today I found out two things. I can poop just fine without any abnormality… Yay!

The second thing is that karma is a straight bitch. I call into work today on account of being sick. Well, all is fine and well until about around midnight. Guess what? I get sick, well I was exposed to it earlier but the shit didn’t catch up to me until then.

What exactly happened? Sun poisoning, I know it is because I have had it before. Twice in fact. Before you ask, no sun poisoning is not like how it is in the movies. The Jack Sparrow version is nothing remotely near the real thing. I will not get loony or anything of the sort.

Where it is true it was very common amongst the sailors of that era, it’s less drastic as they make it seam. Sun poisoning gives you headaches, dizziness, and nausea. A fever sometimes as well but less common as the aforementioned symptoms.

Sun poisoning sucks for two reasons. It’s one of two sicknesses I have no immunity to. The other being strep for some reason. Secondly, it’s the damn sun that causes it. You know that thing that’s in the sky all day long? Yeah, pretty much no escape.

Fisch, if you are reading this I challenge your scurvy with my sun poisoning.


  1. I’ve had sun poisoning before as well.

  2. Sun poising can be developed over a few hours depending on the intensity of the sun, whereas scurvy takes days, weeks, years of poor eating to develop. Unfortunately sir I think scurvy still beats your sun poising. Call me when you lose a leg.

  3. luzob says:

    Why the hell did this post blow up in views today?!?

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