It’s been aboot a week and I still don’t have much to say.

Posted: June 23, 2011 by ech13 in Random
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So I notice a trend in my fellow authors posts.  Luz has a plethora of “text-pisodes”  that he is dishing out (read them, for they are sexy.)  Drez loves poop, Fisch is…well….Fisch and our “out of the closet” author is about mixing up real life events w/ things of a rather grotesque nature.  So I wonder, what exactly should I type about?  What things are there out there that I may confer upon to grab the attention of our fellow webmates?  I was thinking about taking the educational route w/ a simple viral video ending here and there to grab the attention of the masses (pun.)  Maybe I’ll just be lame and brag about how I don’t care to study, don’t hardly know material that I test for and end up getting a minimum of a B+ on exams.  Meh, who knows.  I’ll figure it out eventually

tl/dr  confused about what to post, maybe will brag about being smart.  buttsex.

  1. Sir, I do not recall reading anything about buttsex, which was mentioned in the tl;dr section. But that is okay, you will develop a trend that rears its ugly head soon enough.

  2. However, you may have found a great topic to be the blogger of. I am always intrigued by buttsex!

  3. luzob says:

    Maybe you can blog about obsure math references and general nerdy nonsense.

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