A First for Fisch Fail, INC: I Caught a Fish!

Posted: June 25, 2011 by fischfail in Humor, Life
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So, let me give a quick intro to this post, and say I have caught a fish in the past. That is not quite what this post is about. And at the same time, that is what this post is about.

This post, however, will the first of its kind for Fisch Fail, INC, as in two authors will be writing it. Simultaneously. Things they say (writes) will be in bold.

And so, our story begins.

It is, of course, by me and the very fashionable And very fisherwomanly ErinLovesTheWeb.

So, we were sitting around. She was watching Coraline, and I was playing some stupid fishing game on the PS2 (yes, that “2” is intentional). And we decided it would be a good idea to actually go fishing. Because of course we are on a lake.

So, let me set this all up for you guys. We walk outside, gather the appropriate gear, and then head (well, more like hobble in her case) towards the lake.

First of all, this is what we see.

It's sideways, that's how beautiful that shit was.

Daaaaaaman, Blues, pinks, purples. Fuck yeah.

Look at that perfect reflection

Are you fuckers jealous yet? Good, you should be. Then again, if you failures came out to visit (Luz, Eldwardo, and Drezirale), you fuckers could see this too. But, I digress.

So, ErinLovesTheWeb casts her line.

And gets it tangled (on the reel, mind you).

I throw my lure out. A beautiful cast, I couldn’t help but produce a small chuckle at ErinLovesTheWeb.

And then they give me a new fishing pole.

This is the magic pole. The pole of my dreams. This is the ONE POLE if you will…

One pole to catch them all.

Anyways. ErinLovesTheWeb is throwing her new lure out for the first time.

All is quiet, peaceful, lovely.

And then, to my surprise I hear:

“I caught a fish! I caught a fish!”

“Now what do I do?”

I am confused. Who shouts like that? What is she doing? It can’t be a fish, it has to be a snag. Just has to be. I’ve seen the area she’s fishing in. It’s nothing but seaweed.

And yet there at the end of my line hanging half in the water was a fish.

I was shocked.

I had never caught a fish before. I had no idea what to do.

So they tell me to pull it out and put the fish on land to which I reply “I can’t it just bends the pole.”

The owner of the house, grabs the line and pulls it out of the water, the hook dangling from its mouth. Its of good size.

So now the poor fish is just flopping all over the land. What had I done?

I’m busy reeling my line in; the owner unhooks it, and shows her how to hold it.

And then I hear the magical: “If it’s your first fish, you have to kiss it.”

I do.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of this.

That is when I decided I needed a picture to commemorate this momentous occasion.

So fischfail runs (well walk, you bitches know I don’t run anywhere) up to the house to get the camera. And the whole time I’m apologizing to this poor fish that I duped into being my first catch.

I was told later that you are not supposed to apologize to the fish after you catch it.

Anyway, fischfail gets my picture:

Look at that motherfucker. Bask in it's glory!

Yeah, ErinLovesTheWeb caught that son’a’bitch.

It was like a foot long! It was an openmouth bass


Well it’s mouth was open too.

I still can’t believe it. However, for the only thing being caught this evening, it was well worth it.

There you have it, the first ever multi-author (written) post for Fisch Fail, INC, and the story of the first fish ever caught by ErinLovesTheWeb.

  1. luzob says:

    does this mean we have to change the site name to FischWin Inc?!?

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